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Photoionization of CO2

LaTeX Source Code for Equations

eq 1
${{\textstyle{\rm d}\sigma_v}\over{\textstyle{\rm d}\Omega}} =
{{\textstyle\sigma_v}\over{\textstyle 4\pi}} ~
  \left[ 1 + {\textstyle\beta_v\over \textstyle 4}~(3P \cos 2\theta +1)\right]$
eq 2
${{\textstyle{\rm d}N_v}\over{\textstyle{\rm d}\Omega}} =
{{\textstyle N_v}\over{\textstyle 4\pi}} ~
  \left[ 1+{\textstyle\beta_v\over \textstyle 4}~(3P\cos 2\theta +1)\right] ~.$