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William Billotte
Program Manager

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Justice and Defense Program Manager

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Homeland Security Program Manager

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Program Analyst


Counterterrorism and Response Technologies (CART)



The mission of Counterterrorism And Response Technologies (CART) program is to dramatically improve the safety and effectiveness of responders working with CBRNE and physical security equipment through standards, science and technology. 


CART oversees counterterrorism projects spanning many responder disciplines across the homeland security and public safety communities. CART’s scientific, technical and programmatic expertise enables the translation of performance requirements among scientists, program managers and first responders to cultivate consensus. This unique ability results in research and development for counterterrorism-related standards focused on the end-user. 

CART accomplishes its mission by:

  • Managing programs and projects
  • Coordinating and facilitating interagency research and development efforts
  • Directing research, standards and test methodology development efforts
  • Providing information, subject matter expertise and technical guidance to law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical services
  • Working with government, academic and standards development organizations
  • Increasing the awareness of NIST scientists and engineers of counterterrorism and physical security areas
Our vision is to be the foremost source of standards related expertise and technical support on counterterrorism and response technologies, equipment and practices for the public safety community.


NIST Projects 

OLES is partnering with the Materials Measurement Laboratory and the Emergency Services Division to validate traceable test materials and identify procedures to optimize trace explosive and narcotic detectors. This crosscutting project brings together expertise from NIST's technical and operational elements to help the broader law enforcement and Federal community have greater confidence and capability to detect and interdict explosives and narcotics.  


CART helps NIST scientists and engineers maintain awareness in the counterterrorism and physical security areas. Previous training courses have included:

  • Comprehensive Overview of Police Skills (COPS)
  • Mass Transit Security 
  • Clandestine CBRNE Manufacturing Seminar 
  • IED Awareness Training