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Unemployment Insurance

SF-8, Notice to Federal Employee about Unemployment Insurance

It is possible that employees may be eligible for unemployment compensation, especially if they are on consecutive furlough days. State unemployment compensation requirements differ. If furloughed, employees should contact their appropriate State office. Below is some specific information for the states shown:


Please note: In order to obtain unemployment benefits in the state of Pennsylvania, the duty station must be in Pennsylvania, not where the employee resides. Click here for more information.

How to Collect Unemployment in Maryland

If you have lost your job through no fault of your own, you may be eligible for Maryland unemployment benefits. To receive unemployment benefits, you must be able, available, and actively seeking work. You must meet the state's monetary eligibility requirements and be unemployed due to no fault of your own. When you apply for unemployment benefits in Maryland, your benefit period starts when you file, not when you became unemployed. This means you should file for unemployment benefits as soon as you lose your job in Maryland.


Gather your employment information before attempting to file your Maryland unemployment claim. You will need:

  • your social security number,
  • your telephone number,
  • personal information for any dependents you have,
  • proof of your alien status if you are not a citizen,
  • your DD214 (military discharge papers) if you were in the military,
  • your hiring hall number if you are in a union,
  • all of your employers from the last 18 months and their contact details.

You'll have to apply at an unemployment office or over the phone if during the last 18 months you: worked for a company outside of Maryland, were employed by the Federal Government, had more than three different jobs, or filed for unemployment in another state.

Visit the Maryland Unemployment Office website to file your claim the first week you are unemployed, or call the claims center to file your claim. As of October 2010, there are five phone centers for different regions of Maryland. Choose the location closest to you from the Maryland Unemployment Office website.

Helpful Information and Links:

Wait for your "Determination of Monetary Eligibility" letter to arrive by mail within 10 business days. It will tell you how much you will receive each week in unemployment benefits.

Within 10 days of filing for unemployment benefits recipients should expect to receive a prepaid Visa debit card in the mail. After receiving the card you'll need to activate it by calling the number on the back of the card.

File continued claims online at the Maryland Unemployment Office website or over the phone each two-week period that you are unemployed. Maryland residents must request payment, or what the state calls "continued claims," through the "Webcert System". This must be done every two weeks.

In order to continue receiving unemployment checks, Maryland requires workers to enroll in the Division of Workforce Development program. Applicants have four weeks from when they filed for unemployment benefits to enroll in the job search assistance program.