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Assessor Training Topics

NVLAP has a training program for both the initial and the ongoing training of its assessors that is consistent with the guidelines found in ILAC-G11:07/2006, ILAC Guidelines on Qualifications and Competence of Assessors and Technical Experts, and ILAC-G3:1994, Guidelines for Training Courses for Assessors Used by Laboratory Accreditation Schemes.

NVLAP periodically conducts group training courses for assessors with the objectives of ensuring that 1) NVLAP assessors are kept informed of the latest developments in laboratory accreditation and evolving procedures and requirements, 2) assessors have an opportunity to share experiences and to learn from each other, 3) NVLAP is in compliance with international standards for accreditation bodies, and 4) NVLAP employs a harmonized and consistent approach to accreditation requirements and assessor practices.

NVLAP also may conduct assessor training through teleconferences, webinars, small group sessions, and one-on-one interactions with assessors. Regardless of the method by which training is delivered, all assessors are required to receive training in the topics listed in the table below.

An assessor candidate must complete all training requirements for the appropriate assessor category (Lead Assessor, Technical Assessor, and/or Technical Expert) as shown in the respective NVLAP Assessor Training Checklist (click here to download the checklist). This checklist provides the list of topics that are required to be covered in the training, training resources for each topic, and a place to indicate the method of training delivery.

The following Table of Contents lists the current assessor training resources and contains links to the supporting information and documents that are available on-line. Unless noted otherwise, documents maybe viewed and printed using Adobe Reader software from Adobe Systems Inc. You may download this software without charge from the Adobe web site.

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Table of Contents for Assessor Training

(updated February 1, 2013)

Table of Contents (this page)
NVLAP Staff Directory
NVLAP Handbooks and Guidance Documents
1. NIST Handbook 150:2006
2. NIST Handbook 150 Series Program Handbooks and Lab Bulletins
NVLAP Application Forms (Test Method Selection Lists)

Forms from NVLAP Administrative Procedure APM 22.01, Assessors: Selection, Training, and Approval.
This procedure addresses the recruitment, evaluation, selection, and training of persons who perform on-site assessments for NVLAP.

1. Assessor Qualifications Summary (generic) Microsoft Word file
2. Assessor Training Checklist (generic)
3. NVLAP Assessor Criteria and Worksheet for Selecting, Qualifying, and Training Assessors (generic)
4. Assessor Declaration
Forms from NVLAP Administrative Procedure APM 22.02, Assessors: Monitoring.
This procedure addresses the monitoring of the performance and competence of persons who serve as NVLAP assessors.
1. Assessor Performance Evaluation Form Microsoft Word file NEW
2. Assessor Questionnaire
3. Evaluation of On-Site Report Microsoft Word file NEW
Procurement Information and Forms
1. Domestic Per Diem Rates Web Site
2. Assessor Quote Form NEW
Presentations from Assessor Training Seminars
1. NVLAP: An Introduction
2. Assessor Qualifications and Training Requirements
3. Working for NVLAP (currently under revision)
4. NVLAP Communications
5. Assessment Techniques
6. NVLAP Assessment Forms
7. Management System Review
8. Internal Audits and Management Reviews
9. Nonconformities
10. Evaluating On-Site Reports and Corrective Actions
11. International Arrangements
12. Metrological Traceability (created for Measurement Science Conference tutorial - 2008)
13. Traceability (created for Assessor Training Workshop - 2009)
14. Measurement Uncertainty (created for Assessor Training Workshop - 2009)
15. Annex A: Referencing NVLAP Accreditation
16. Proficiency Testing (2007)
17. NVLAP Proficiency Testing for Calibration Laboratories (2005)
Traceability and Uncertainty of Measurements (see also Tab K below)
1. ILAC-P10:01/2013, ILAC Policy on Traceability of Measurement ResultsNEW
2. NIST Policy on Traceability
3. Uncertainty of Measurement in Testing - A Worked Example
4. ILAC-P14:01/2013, ILAC Policy for Uncertainty in Calibration NEW
On-Site Assessment Related Procedures, Forms, and Checklists
1. Laboratory Assessment Instructions for Assessors
2. On-Site Assessment Summary
3. On-Site Assessment Report Microsoft Word file
4. NIST Handbook 150 Checklist:2006
5. NVLAP Program-Specific Checklists
6. NVLAP Administrative Procedure APM 22.05: Review of On-Site Assessment Results
7. NVLAP On-Site Assessment Review formMicrosoft Word gif
Links to Selected APLAC Guidance Documents
1. APLAC TC002: Internal Audits for Laboratories and Inspection Bodies
2. APLAC TC003: Management Review for Laboratories and Inspection Bodies
3. APLAC TC010: General Information on Uncertainty of Measurement
Links to NIST References
1. NIST Technical Note 1297 "Guidelines for Evaluating and Expressing the Uncertainty of NIST Measurement Results" (1994 edition)
2. NIST Special Publication 811, "Guide for the Use of the International System of Units (SI)" (2008 edition)
3. NIST Special Publication 330, "The International System of Units (SI)" (2008 edition)