What Others are Saying About NSTIC


Michael Barrett, Chief  Information Security Officer, PayPal, We have consistently advocated that trustworthy  online identity is a key component of a healthy Internet ecosystem. PayPal will  be offering more services to our customers over the coming months that directly  support the NSTIC, which we expect will result in many new benefits to both our  customers and the Internet overall.

Phil Bond, President & Chief Executive Officer, TechAmerica
“The improved online identities resulting from NSTIC can help address concerns about identity theft, online fraud, intellectual property, privacy and cybersecurity without creating a centralized or government-managed system. The strategy will help promote new technologies for identity management that improve not only the security of transactions, but also the privacy of consumers engaging in these transactions.”

Dan Chenok, Senior Fellow, Center for The Business of Government, IBM Global Business Services
“IBM welcomes the release of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace. The Strategy sets out a broad and achievable approach to securing online commerce while addressing privacy, efficiency and usability. IBM looks forward to continuing to contribute to the open and collaborative NSTIC process.”

Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation
“Microsoft supports the NSTIC vision for a citizen centric privacy enhanced identity ecosystem. Creating this ecosystem will provide citizens with a variety of choices for authenticating their identity online while helping to protect their security and privacy. Realizing this vision brings us closer towards a safer, more trusted Internet.”

Neville Pattinson, Vice President for Govt. Affairs, Standards and Business Development, Secure ID Coalition
“Knowing how to trust interactions in cyberspace to enable e-commerce is a national problem. The White House has taken a significant leadership initiative in creating the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) to address our society’s digital identity crisis. Knowing and trusting who we are interacting with in cyberspace is one of the most important challenges for our modern digital society. If we all collaborate and resolve this issue whilst preserving privacy and allowing for some levels of anonymity we may just find our online digital lives enable our society and commerce in many new and exciting ways.”

Steven Sprague, Chief Executive Officer, Wave Systems
“We believe the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace is a step forward in the development of a more secure, trusted and interoperable identity ecosystem. Once adopted, the recommendations can help to assure that security, privacy, interoperability and ease of use are significantly improved for all parties who conduct business or transactions online. This initiative shows that the public and private sectors can truly work together to improve security and privacy of every individual.”

Danny McPherson, Chief Security Officer, Verisign
“As steward and operator of critical components of the Internet's infrastructure, Verisign supports all efforts to strengthen information security and the integrity of online transactions. A mechanism like NSTIC would be an important next step in securing online transactions, allowing consumers to have confidence in protections created by an authenticated identity, and providing government and commercial entities a standardized solution to validate the authenticity of individual users and devices.”

John Landwehr, Senior Director, Enterprise Security Solutions, Adobe Systems Incorporated
“The true potential of customer experiences online is currently being hampered by the complexity of and security concerns around electronic identities. With improvements in better protecting online identities, consumers will find it faster, easier, less costly, and more secure to engage with businesses and government online, using digital signatures and protected correspondence management as a replacement for paper.”

Matthew Gardiner, Director, CA Technologies
“NSTIC is a great example of a large community of potential applications (government ones) coming forward to take advantage of trusted identities that already exist on the Internet from potentially thousands of sources. Not only could this benefit U.S. citizens by enabling improved, more secure, and less costly access to government applications, but it could also have spillover benefits to the private sector, by helping to establish a new revenue generating business model that has benefits for all participants - including the user.”

Nick Shevelyov, Chief Security Officer, Silicon Valley Bank
“Today, unprotected authentication through a single online channel creates enormous risk for individuals and businesses. If government fulfills its commitment for voluntary participation that is coupled with acceptable use, civil liberties, business needs, and evolving security threat vectors, the approach laid out in the Strategy will leverage the strength of both the private sector and government to protect consumers while enabling commerce.”

Leigh Williams, President, BITS
“Online identities are now indispensable in the delivery of financial services, and we are thrilled to be working with our federal partners to make them as secure and convenient as possible.”

Mark Bregman, Symantec executive vice president and Chief Technology Officer
“Symantec supports the direction NSTIC has taken in partnering with industry to lay the foundation for a trusted ecosystem for identities. We share the NSTIC vision for convenient, secure, and innovative credentials that can be used across multiple environments. Increasingly we see the need for strong credentials that are conveniently used in mobile devices and applications, and this is a particularly important element of the future direction of the ecosystem. We look forward to participating and contributing to the success of the program.”

Associations & Academia

Dan Combs, Chief Executive Officer, eCitizen Foundation, The eCitizen Foundation applauds the  Administration’s development of NSTIC as a major advance in meeting the needs  for citizen control of personal information, privacy protections and security.  With the strong citizen-centered approach envisioned by NSTIC, a vibrant  marketplace fostering innovative solutions will be possible.

Craig Spiezle, Executive Director and President, Online Trust Alliance
“NSTIC is a major step forward to protect identities and foster online trust and confidence. This effort presents how the public and private sector has come together and is essential for the vitality of all online services and commerce. OTA looks forward to continuing working with the program office and ecosystem to make this a reality.”

Jim Dempsey, Vice President, Public Policy, Center for Democracy and Technology
“The Administration, to my view, has conducted a very open process here…. I think that there's a model here perhaps for the broader question of cybersecurity…. I have been praising the Administration for promoting improvements in online identity that would address concerns about identity theft, online fraud and cybersecurity without creating a centralized or government-managed system.”

Kaliya Hamlin, Executive Director, The Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium
“The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace outlines a vision for an Identity Ecosystem based on open, industry driven standards that will provide individuals the ability to share information about who they are in ways that are more secure and privacy protecting. We are excited to see this final version of NSTIC and look forward to more dialogue about implementing the vision between industry, government and citizens at the next Internet Identity Workshop.”

Thomas J. Smedinghoff, Co-Chair, American Bar Association Identity Management Legal Task Force
“The NSTIC addresses one of the thorniest issues facing those who want to engage in significant or sensitive online transactions: the lack of standard, interoperable, and trusted policies and procedures for proving online identity. The process initiated by the NSTIC serves a critical need by helping to tackle these legal challenges in the first integrated public-private effort of its kind.”


U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski, Chairwoman of the Senate Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, and Science
“Identity theft is rampant and growing. Increasingly sophisticated cyber hackers and thieves continue to steal personal information, bank account data and proprietary information. The NSTIC will take important steps forward to enhance the trust of user and consumer confidence in all of their online transactions.”

U.S. Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation
“Establishing [the NSTIC] office represents an important step in the process of protecting the security and privacy of online transactions. It’s a critical piece of the larger cybersecurity puzzle. I look forward to working with the Administration this year in enacting comprehensive legislation that will address the challenges we face in securing cyberspace.”

Congressman Dan Lungren, U.S. House of Representatives, Chairman of the Subcommitee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Security Technologies
“The improved online identities resulting from NSTIC will combat identity theft and online fraud, promote intellectual property rights and cybersecurity, and enhance consumer confidence, privacy, choice, and innovation for Americans. The Administration's approach in the NSTIC puts the private sector in the lead, with government facilitating the development of a market-based approach that advances both our security and our economy.”