Identity is the Great Enabler: Putting Patients at the Center of Health IT

Addressing Health IT privacy and security concerns are complicated. Often the focus is to zero in on a specific technical solution and leave the often more important issues – policy, privacy, business rules – for others to solve. But as we’ve seen, too many times these other issues are left unaddressed – and progress is hindered.

Come Hang Out With Us to Talk Identity and Innovation in Health Care

Identity is critical to Health Information Technology (HIT), particularly when it comes to sharing health information online. Patients and health providers aren’t going to share personal information if they can’t solve the “identity conundrum” – how to validate that information is going to the right person.

Everybody Needs Identity.

Whether you are 19 or 91, protecting your identity is extremely important – particularly as identity breaches become more pervasive and affect more people worldwide. A recent study revealed the concerns about identity theft are high, with four out of five adults calling identity theft a concern, and about half calling it a “major” concern.*