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Yun Liu


Dr. Yun Liu is a material physicist in the SANS group at NIST Center for Neutron Research and a research associate professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at University of Delaware.

RESEARCH INTERESTS(research ID at ISI Web of Science):  

  • Structure and dynamics of colloidal systems, such as nucleation/clusterization in colloidal and biological molecular assembly systems, ion/counterion association in polyelectrolyte solution, and colloidal interactions.
  • Interaction of small molecules on the surface or porous media, such as hydrogen storage, green-house gas capture, molecular recognition based on surface selection, molecular sieving, small molecule dynamics on functionalized surface.
  • Water structure and dynamics in nano-porous systems, such as fuel cell membranes.
Selected publications (Last number indicates the citation number of the paper as of 09/12/2015)

1)Y. Liu*, W. R. Chen, S. H. Chen, "Cluster Formation in Two Yukawa Fluids", J. of Chemical Physics 122, 044507 (2005) (94)

2) Dinca, A. Dailly, Y. Liu, C. M. Brown, D. A. Neumann, J. R. Long, "Hydrogen Storage in a Microporous Metal-Organic Framework with Exposed Mn2+ Coordination Sites", J. of the American Chemical Society 128, 16876 (2006). (746)

3)W. R. Chen, L. Porcar, Y. Liu, P. D. Butler, L. J. Magid, "Study the Counterion Effect on the Structural Properties of Charged G4 PAMAM Dendrimer Aqueous Solutions by Small Angle Neutron Scattering", Macromolecules 40, 5887 (2007).(67)

4)Y. Liu, H. Kabbour, C. M. Brown, D. A. Neumann, C. C. Ahn, "Increasing the Density of Adsorbed Hydrogen with Coordinatively Unsaturated Metal Centers in Metal-organic Frameworks", Langmuir 24, 4772 (2008). (148)

5)Y. Liu*, J. Her, A. Dailly, A. J. Ramirez-Cuesta, D. A. Neumann, C. M. Brown*, "A Reversible Structure Transition in MIL-53 with Large Temperature Hysteresis", J. of the American Chemical Society 130, 11813-11818 (2008). (155)

6)S. Xiang, W. Zhou, J. M. Gallegos, Y. Liu*, B. Chen*, "Exceptionally High Acetylene Uptake in a Microporous Metal-Organic Framework with Open Metal Sites", J. of the American Chemical Society 131, 12415-12419 (2009). (176)

7)L. Porcar, P. Falus, W. R. Chen, A. Faraone, E. Fratini, K. Hong, P. Baglioni, Y. Liu*, "Formation of the Dynamic Clusters in Concentrated Lysozyme Protein Solutions", J. of Physical Chemistry Letters 1, 126-129 (2010).(51)

8)Y. Liu*, L. Porcar, J. Chen, W. R. Chen, P. Falus, A. Faraone, E. Fratini, K. Hong, P. Baglioni,  "Lysozyme Protein Solution with an Intermediate Range Order Structure" J. Phys. Chem. B 115, 7238-7247(2011). (50)

9)Y. Liu*, C. M. Brown, D. A. Neumann, D. B. Geohegan, A. A. Puretzky, C. M. Rouleau, H. Hu, D. Styers-Barnett, P. O. Krasnov, B. I. Yakobson, "Metal-assisted hydrogen storage on Pt-decorated single-walled carbon nanohorns", Carbon 50, 4953-4964(2012). (18)

10) Eric J. Yearley, Isidro E. Zarraga*, Steven J. Shire, Thomas M. Scherer, Yatin Gokarn, Norman J. Wagner, Yun Liu*, "Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Characterization of Monoclonal Antibody Conformations and Interactions at High Concentrations", Biophysical Journal 105, 720-731(2013). (13)

11)Eric J. Yearley, Paul D. Godfrin, Tatiana Perevozchikova, Hailiang Zhang, Peter Falus, Lionel Porcar, Michihiro Nagao, Joseph E. Curtis, Pradad Gawande, Rosalynn Taing, Isidro E. Zarraga*, Norman J. Wagner, Yun Liu*, "Observation of small cluster formation in concentrated monoclonal antibody solutions and its implications to solution viscosity" Biophysical Journal, 106(8), 1763-1770 (2014).(12)



Instrument Scientist
NIST Center for Neutron Scattering
Neutron Condensed Matter Science

Employment History:

2009-present, Instrument Scientist at NCNR.

2014-present, Research Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware.

2011-2014, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware.

2006-2008, Guest Researcher at NCNR and Research Associate at Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park.


1999-2005, Ph.D. and M.S., Department of Nuclear Science & Engineering, MIT, USA.

1997-1999, M.S., Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, China. 

1993-1997, B.S., Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, China.


Phone: 301 975 6235
Email: yunliu@nist.gov
Fax: 301 921 9847