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NCNR Center Office Staff Directory 

Dr. Robert Dimeo, Director 301-975-6210
Melissa Zeltman 301-975-6210
Ronald Cappelletti 301-975-6221
Peter Gehring 301-975-3946
William Kamitakahara 301-975-6878
J. Michael Rowe 301-975-6229
John Rush 301-975-6231


Michael Moore, Senior Management Advisor 301-975-5106
Tanya Burke 301-975-4711
Christine Groff 301-975-5831
Dona Hanak 301-975-5652
Robin Person 301-975-5245

  IT Support 

Przemek Klosowski 301-975-6249
Siddharth Khosla 301-975-4640
Don Lopez 301-975-6576
Alan Munter 301-975-6244

User Office

Mary Ann FitzGerald 301-975-5666
Julie Keyser 301-975-8368

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