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SIM Senior Policy Makers' Dialogue Forum

A SIM Senior Policy Makers' Dialogue Forum, sponsored by NIST, was held on 5-6 Nov 2009. The purpose of this Forum was to provide a venue for dialogue among policy officials and national decision-makers within the Americas regarding the need and value of investing in national programs in chemical metrology to support:

  • International Trade
  • Food Safety and Nutrition
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Healthcare Decision-Making
  • Consumer Protection
  • Sustainable Economy


Invitations for participation in this "Dialogue Forum" were extended to NMI Directors and a Government Official with policy-making authority and decision-making responsibility for metrology portfolios for economies within the ANDIMET, CAMET and SURAMET subregions of SIM that do not currently have government-supported programs in Chemical Metrology. (A second such Forum is planned for economies within the CARIMET subregion in 2010).

The Forum kicked off with a Reception on the evening of Nov 5 at Hotel Windsor Barra where Dr. Hratch Semerjian, Director of the U.S. Council for Chemical Research gave a Keynote address entitled "Chemical Metrology: What it is and Why You Should Invest in it". This keynote address was followed by a Poster Session whose theme was: "A National Program in Chemical Metrology: Why It's Needed and What are the Expected Impacts". Several Countries/Economies that currently have active "Metrology in Chemistry" programs, participated.

The Nov 6 program featured presentations and a Roundtable Discussion moderated by Willie E. May, Chair, SIM Chemical Metrology Working Group focused on "Chemical Metrology and Its Impact on Industry and Quality of Life". Testimonials and Dialogue regarding the rationale for and return on investment from National programs in Chemical Metrology were discussed by:  

1 João Jornada President, Inmetro Brazil
2 Gabriela Massiff Director, Fundacionchile CMQ Chile
3 Yoshito Mitani Director for Materials Metrology, CENAM Mexico
4 Wynand Louw Acting CEO, NMISA South Africa
5 Chainarong Cherdchu Director for Chemical Metrology and Biometry, NIMT Thailand
6 Robert Kaarls CIPM Secretary and CCQM President  


Professor Humberto Brandi, SIM President and Director for Metrology at Inmetro also joined in the panel discussions.

Links to copies of those presentations are provided below.

Title of Presentation


Keynote Address - "Chemical Metrology: What it is and Why You Should Invest in it"

Dr. Hratch Semerjian

Dialogue Forum 1

João Jornada

Dialogue Forum 2

Gabriela Massiff

Dialogue Forum 3

Yoshito Mitani

Dialogue Forum 4

Wynand Louw

Dialogue Forum 5

Chainarong Cherdchu

Dialogue Forum 6

Robert Kaarls

Dialogue Forum Introduction

Willie May

Dialogue Forum Summary

Ulf Hillner


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