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Materials Science Reference Books

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Introduction to Ceramics
D.R. Uhlmann (Contributor) and W. David Kingery; John Wiley & Sons; Published 1976; ISBN: 0471478601

Ceramic Processing
R.A. Terpstra (Editor), P.P.A.C. Pex (Editor), A.H. De Vried (Editor); Chapman & Hall; Published 1996; ISBN: 0412598302

Phase Diagrams for Ceramists
Lawrence P. Cook, Howard F. McMurdie (Editor); American Ceramic Society; Published 1989; ISBN: 0944904041

Handbook of Chemistry and Physicists by CRC
David R. Lide (Editor), H.P.R. Frederikse (Editor); CRC; Published 1998; ISBN: 0849305969


The ASM Handbook (20 volume set)
ASM International

Alloy Phase Diagrams
ASM International; Published 1992; ISBN: 0871703815

The Smithells Metals Reference Book
Brandis and Brook; Butterworth-Heinemann; Published 1992; ISBN: 0408046228

The Metals Handbook Desk Edition
ASM International; Published 1998; AISN: 0871701340

Woldman's Engineering Alloys
John P. Frick (Editor); ASM International; Published 1994; ISBN: 0871705443



Physical Properties of Polymers Handbook
James E. Mark (Editor); Amer Inst of Physics; Published 1996; ISBN: 1563962950

Modern Plastics Encyclopedia 1991
McGraw Hill/Modern Plastics; Published 1990; ISBN: 9990083134

The Polymer Handbook
J. Brandrup (Editor), E.H. Immergut (Editor), Eric A. Grulke (Editor), Akihiro Abe (Editor); John Wiley & Sons; Published 1989; ISBN: 0471166286

Viscoelasticity of Polymers
John Ferry; John Wiley & Sons; Published 1980; ISBN: 0471048941

Mechanical Properties of Polymers
Lawrence E. Nielsen, Robert F. Landel; Marcel Dekker; ISBN: 0824789644

Engineered Materials Handbook (Vols. 1-4)
ASM International; ISBN: 0871702819

The Mechanical Engineering Handbook
Frank Kreith (Editor), CRC Pr; Published 1998; ISBN: 084939418X



Neutron Diffraction (3rd Ed.)
G.E. Bacon; Adam Hilger; Published 1987; ISBN: 0852745877

Methods of Experimental Physics, Vol. 23: Neutron Scattering
Kurt Skold, David L. Price (Editor); Published 1987; ASIN: 0124759653

Theory of Neutron Scattering from Condensed Matter
S. Lovesey; Clarendon Pr; Published 1987; ISBN: 0198520174

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