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Steven Robey, Ph.D.

Steve Robey's research interests are broadly in the area of electronic structure of materials with a focus on physics at surfaces and interfaces including surface and interfacial electronic structure, electron dynamics, and charge transfer processes. The primary research techniques are electronic spectroscopies such as one photon photoemission measurements and two-photon photoemission methods with time-resolved pump-probe variations to study surface/interface electron dynamics. This work typically employs UHV methods to prepare well-characterized systems. The current primary area of interest is interfacial electronic structure and dynamics that control charge separation processes in systems of interest for next generation photovoltaics, solar hydrogen production, etc.

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Surface and Microanalysis Science Division
Surface and Interface Research Group

Employment History:

1986-1988 IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

1988- present Physicist, Surface and Microanalysis Science Division, NIST


B. S., Physics University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

Ph. D, Physics, University of California-Berkeley


Phone: (301) 975-2550
Fax: (301) 417-1321