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Steven Buntin, Ph.D.


Dr. Buntin is the Leader of the Surface and Interface Research Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 

Dr. Buntin began his tenure at NIST (formerly the National Bureau of Standards, NBS) in 1987 as a National Research Council/NBS Postdoctoral Research Associate working in the area of surface chemistry, where he applied state-resolved detection techniques to probe the dynamics of laser-induced surface reactions. Dr. Buntin joined the technical staff at NIST in 1990, and as a Research Chemist he worked on a number of surface chemistry related projects, ranging from state-resolve dynamics of femtosecond laser-induced desorption to reactions driven by incident hyperthermal radicals. In 1999, Dr. Buntin became the Leader of the Surface and Interface Research Group at NIST; this group focuses on the development of innovative metrologies and measurement protocols for compositional, physicochemical and electronic properties analysis of micro- and nano-scale heterosystems. Current research areas include: 1) high/super-resolution laser-based optical microscopies, 2) nanoscale domain charge transfer dynamics, 3) linear and nonlinear laser-based spectroscopies and 4) nanoscale materials synthesis, fabrication and modification. 

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Group Leader
Materials Measurement Science Division
Surface and Interface Research Group


Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of Minnesota, 1987 

B.S., Chemistry, University of Delaware, 1980.


Phone: 201 975 2989
Fax: 301 417 1321