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Marlon Walker

Marlon Walker’s research interests lie in the direction of non-destructive surface characterization, including “soft-surfaces” such as self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) and thin polymer films. Recent work involved using in situ spectroscopic ellipsometry to explore the interactions of certain additives critical to the copper electrodeposition process applicable to microelectronic circuitry. Current efforts are focused on developing and characterizing oligo(ethylene oxide)-based self assembled monolayers that resist protein adsorption.


Research Chemist
Surface and Microanalysis Science Division
Surface and Interface Research Group


Ph.D. (1988):  Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
 Major: physical chemistry
 Thesis: "Light Scattering and Light Transmission Studies of UV-Induced Protein Crosslinking in Separated Lens Crystallins and Whole Lenses"

M.S. (1983):  Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
 Major: nuclear chemistry
 Thesis: "Search for Fission-like Break-up in the p + 28Si Reaction at 200 MeV"

B.S. (1980):  Duke University, Durham, NC
 Major: chemistry/philosophy


Phone: 301-975-5593
Fax: 301-417-1321