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Babak Nikoobakht

Babak Nikoobakht received his PhD from Georgia Tech in 2002 and joined NIST at September of that year.  His research interests include nanowire growth, their novel properties and potential applications.  Of special interest are: 1) methods of anisotropic growth of nanocrystals and heterostructures on single crystal substrates that their registries can be controlled and accessed on a scalable fashion; 2) Exploring relation between nanocrystal structure and their function; 3) scalable nanowire integration and their use in applications such as light emitting diodes and photovoltaics.

Nikoobakht’s research focuses on advanced materials and developing measurement methodologies to understand individual- or collective properties of nanowires.  The ultimate goal is to control composition, orientation, dimensions, scale, and properties of nanowires.  Progress in any of these directions is expected to impact the development of reference nanomaterials and industrial scale production of nanowires with controlled properties for useful applications such as light sources, photodetectors, sensors, and light harvesting platforms.

His work on growth and characterization of one-dimensional nanocrystals has been widely used and been cited more than 2500 since 2000.  He has over 25 peer reviewed journal articles, and been involved as co-chair and session organizer in conferences such as ISDRS, APS and Nano-DDS. 

Babak Nikoobakht


Surface and Microanalysis Science Division
Surface and Interface Research Group

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