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Dr. Vincent Hackley

Research Interests

  • Physico-chemical property measurements, standards, and data for nanomaterials under development in biomedical applications such as cancer therapeutics (collaboration with the National Cancer Institute - Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory)
  • Standards and reference materials to enable assessment of the potential hazards associated with the manufacture and application of engineered nanomaterials
  • Application of optical, x-ray, and neutron scattering techniques to characterize the nanoscale-to-microscale structure of materials.
  • Interfacial and dispersion properties of nanoscale particles in aqueous media


Figure 1(left): Dendron functionalized gold nanoparticle; Figure 2(center): Gold nanoparticle reference materials 8011, 8012 and 8013; Figure 3(right): Extensional flow of gold nanowires during USAXS measurements.

Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

  • Study how nanoscale materials interact with biological matrices to determine their transport, biological impact and eventual fate. Develop methods to detect, characterize and quantify nanoparticles within biologically relevant matrices. For more information…
  • Investigate the link between material properties and the potential environmental, health and safety hazards associated with nanoscale particles. Study how engineered nanoparticles interact with their environment, and how this alters their properties. For more information…
  • Develop methods and measurement tools to characterize the surface and interfacial properties of nanoscale particles and their surface-bound organic shells. Apply these tools to study nano-based cancer therapeutics or the interaction of nanoparticles with components of biological fluids.
Awards and Honors

  • American Institute of Chemists Award, 1983
  • Sigma Xi Research Society, University of Wisconsin U.S.
  • Department of Commerce Silver Medal, 2008
  • NIST Judson French Award, 2012

Standards Outputs




Research Chemist
Materials Measurement Science Division
Nanomechanical Properties Group

Employment History:

1994-present: Research Chemist, Ceramics Division, NIST
1991-1994: Research Associate, Ceramics Division, NIST


Ph.D., Water Chemistry, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1991
B.S., Chemistry, State University of New York and Syracuse University, 1983
A.A., Agriculture, Garrett College, 1981

Professional Activities:

Member, ACS, ASTM E56 (Nanotechnology), IANH, MRS
Expert designate to ISO TC 229 / WG4
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