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Guillaume Ballihaut

Guillaume Ballihaut, Ph.D., is a Guest Researcher in the NIST Chemical Sciences Division at the Hollings Marine Laboratory. He is involved in developing analytical methods for investigating the role of heteroelement-containing proteins in living organisms, with a particular emphasis on selenoproteins and phosphoproteins. The objectives of this work include improving and developing new hyphenated analytical procedures for selenoproteins and phosphoproteins (1) detection and quantification by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), (2) identification by molecular mass spectrometry. This work involves collaborative research with other NIST staff as well as researchers from others organizations (NOAA and MUSC) located at the Hollings Marine Laboratory.

Before coming to NIST in 2008, Dr. Ballihaut obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Pau ( France), working on the detection and identification of selenoproteins in bacteria. This research was made under the direction of Dr. Ryszard Lobinski, head of the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Bio-Inorganic and Environment, CNRS, Pau (France) and Dr. Regis Grimaud, researcher in the Laboratory of Microbial Ecology, Pau (France).

Guillaume Ballihaut


Research Associate
Chemical Sciences Division


University of Pau, France

University of Pau, France


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