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Dr. Paul Rudnick

Dr. Rudnick's work at NIST is centered on the construction and maintenance of reference mass spectral libraries for peptides and metabolites (  He is formally trained in the field of microbial genetics, but has been dedicated to "dry-lab" bioinformatics since 2001.  He has built databases and software tools supporting the fields of genomics and proteomics in both private industry and as an employee of the federal government.  His current interests are in the data analysis methods used to identify and sequence proteins by mass spectrometry. Since joining NIST in 2005, Dr. Rudnick has been a part of a collaborative, NCI-sponsored program focused on assessing variability in 'state-of-the-art' proteomics workflows, a promising technology for discovering new therapeutic and diagnostic markers.

Dr. Rudnick has numerous publications in the fields of microbiology, bioinformatics and proteomics and has served on NIH and NSF review panels covering the same focus topics. He is an active member of ASMS, HUPO, ABRF, and is currently chairing the ABRF's Proteome Informatics Research Group (iPRG).

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Dr. Rudnick received his B.S. (1995) and Ph.D. (2001) degrees from the University of Arizona (under Christina Kennedy).  As part of his thesis work on nitrogen fixation, he spent time at INRA-CNRS, Toulouse, France (under Daniel Kahn) as a recipient of the Scientific Chateaubriand Fellowship (1997-98). He is a graduate of the Ohio State University Microbial Physiology (1996) and Cold Spring Harbor Microbial Genetics Courses (1999).


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