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Dr. Jayne B. Morrow

Research Interests  

My research focuses on measurements to understand and predict microbe/surface interfacial processes relevant to natural (bacterial transport in soils and aquatic microbial community adaptation dynamics) and engineered (built environment, drinking water and medical implant) systems. Currently, I am focused on analyzing standard methods for surface sampling to rapidly assess the extent of contamination and decontamination effectiveness for building contamination and standards for biodetection in the field.


Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors American Chemical Society American Society for Microbiology  


Multiple interagency working groups including the Department of Homeland Security led working group on Validated Sampling Plan (VSPWG) development    


Challenges in Microbial Sampling in Indoor Environments


  • National Research Council, Department of Homeland Security Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 2006
  • Department of Education, GAANN Environmental Biotechnology Fellowship, University of Connecticut 2001-04.
  • Sigma Xi, Scientific Honor Society, 2004
  • Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, 2004
  • Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society, 2004
  • National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellowship Recipient, Center for Biofilm Engineering, Montana State University 1995-98  

Selected Publications

Morrow, J. B. and K. Cole, Germination Enhanced Decontamination of Bacillus Spores in a Simulated Drinking Water System. Environmental Engineering Science, 2009, in press July 26, issue 7.

Morrow, J. B., J. Almeida, L. Fitzgerald and K. Cole, Decontamination of Bacillus anthracis spores from water systems. Water Research, 2008, 42(20):5011-21.

R. D. Holbrook, K. E. Murphy, J. B. Morrow, K. D. Cole, Trophic Transfer of Nanoparticles in a Simplified Invertebrate Food Web. Nature Nanotechnology, 2008, 3:p. 352-355.

Yang, H.-H., Morrow, J. B., D. Grasso, R. T. Vinopal, A.Dechesneand B. F. Smets. Antecedent Growth Conditions Alter Retention of Environmental Escherichia coli Isolates in Transiently Wetted Porous Media. Environmental Science and Technology, 2008, 42:9310-9316.

Yang, H.-H., Morrow, J. B., D. Grasso, R. T. Vinopal and B. F. Smets. 2006. Intestinal versus External Growth Conditions Change the Surficial Properties in a Collection of Environmental Escherichia coli Isolates. Environmental Science and Technology, 2006, 40(22): p.6976-6982.

Almeida, J., Wang, L., Morrow, J. B., Cole, K. D. Requirements for the development of Bacillus anthracis spore reference materials used to test detection systems. Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2006. 111(3): p. 1-13.  

Morrow, J. B., R. Stratton, H.-H. Yang, B. F. Smets, and D. Grasso, Macro- and Nanoscale Observations of Adhesive Behavior for Several E. coli Strains (O157:H7 and Environmental Isolates) on Mineral Surfaces. Environmental Science & Technology, 2005. 39(17): p. 6395-6404.

Morrow, J. B., B. F. Smets, and D. Grasso, Perceived substratum characteristics as a function of AFM probe and imaging fluid properties. Langmuir, 2003. 19: p. 6151-6159.

Smets, B. F., J. B. Morrow, and C. Pinedo Arango, Plasmid Introduction in Metal-Stressed, Subsurface-Derived Microcosms: Plasmid Fate and Community Response. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2003. 69(7): p. 4087-4097.


Environmental Engineer
Biochemical Science Division
Bioassay Methods Group

Employment History:

2006-2008: NRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Bioassay Methods Group, NIST

2004- 2005: Adjunct Assistant Professor of Engineering, Smith College, Northampton, MA

2001-2004: Environmental Biotechnology Fellow, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT


Ph.D., Environmental Engineering, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 2005

M.S., Environmental Engineering, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 2001

B.S., Civil Engineering, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, 1998


Phone: 301-975-6722
Email: jmorrow@nist.gov