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Zhengzhi Wang

Research Interests

My research interest focuses on nanoscale measurements of physical and mechanical properties of materials, as well as the development of biomimetic materials. Currently, I am working to refine and optimize a cantilever-beam based instrument for evaluating polymerization stress, and for simultaneous measurement of shrinkage and modulus evolution upon polymerization. We also aim to develop a better understanding of the polymerization process through these measurements.

My previous work includes:

 · Tribological properties (friction and wear) of polymers and polymeric nanocomposites at small length scales

 · Nanoindentation method for materials properties

 · Development of gecko-inspired smart adhesive (fabrication, experiments, and modeling)


Non-NIST Publications

· Z.Z. Wang, P. Gu, and Z. Zhang, "Finite element modeling of the indentation and scratch response of epoxy/silica nanocomposites", Mech. Adv. Mater. Struc., in press.

 · Z.Z. Wang, Y. Xu and P. Gu, "Adhesive behaviors of gecko-inspired nanofibrillar arrays: experiments and finite element modeling", J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 45, 142001 (2012).

 · Z.Z. Wang, P. Gu, Z. Zhang, L. Gu and Y.Z. Xu, "Mechanical and tribological behavior of epoxy/Silica nanocomposites at the micro/nano scale", Tribol. Lett. 42, 185-191 (2011).

 · Z.Z. Wang, P. Gu, and Z. Zhang, "Indentation and scratch behavior of nano-SiO2/polycarbonate composite coating at the micro/nano-scale", Wear 269, 21-25 (2010).

Zhengzhi Wang


Guest Researcher
Biosystems and Biomaterials Division


2007-2012: Ph.D. University of Science and Technology of China, Mechanics (Solid Mechanics)

2004-2007: B.S. Anhui University, Physics


Phone: 301-975-5520
Fax: 301-975-4977