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Wojtek Tutak

Research Interests

My research interests are design, synthesis and fabrication of complex 3D scaffolds with stratified structural and biochemical compositions. I also aim to better understand cell biological response to the scaffold properties on a cellular and molecular level. To make our experiments more clinically relevant we aim to assay the 3D matrix properties using human bone marrow stromal cells (hBMSCs). Mapping the hMSC response to the 3D scaffold arrays is expected to help verify concept of "personalized regenerative medicine" and lay out basic criteria for designing advanced bone regenerating scaffolds.


During my graduate years I researched single walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) networks for their use as a substrate for bone regeneration.  Particularly, I focused on testing unique carbon nanotube matrix properties, specifically substrate morphology and chemistry, and their impact on osteoblastic cells.  Experiments investigating long and short term effects of  SWNT matrix on the cell cultures were  complemented with studies surveying  impact of biological environments on the SWNT structure.  


  • NRC-ARRA Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Corning Fellowship 2008-2010)
  • Master Fellowship/Teacher Assistantship (2006-2008)
  • The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program Fellowship (2005)
  • EOP Awards (2003-05)  


Tutak, W., Park, K.H., Vasilov, A., Starovoytov, V., Fanchini, G., Cai, S.Q., Partridge, N.C., Sesti, F. & Chhowalla, M. 2009, "Toxicity induced enhanced extracellular matrix production in osteoblastic cells cultured on single-walled carbon nanotube networks", Nanotechnology, vol. 20, no. 25, pp. 255101.   

Tutak, W., Chhowalla M. & Sesti, F. "The chemical and physical characteristics of single walled carbon nanotube films impact osteoblastic cell response". Accepted to Nanotechnology

Wojtek Tutak


NRC Post-Doctoral Fellow
Polymers Division
Biomaterials Group

Employment History:

Stryker Orthopedics, Mahwah, NJ, Biomaterials and implants prototype evaluation; Position: Technician/Researcher in Tribology Laboratory 

Colgate-Palmolive, Piscataway, NJ, Hygiene and dental products materials evaluation; Position: Lab Technician/Researcher in R&D Laboratory 


M.S./Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

B.S. Biomedical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Phone: 301-975-6747
Fax: 301-975-4977