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Sheng Lin-Gibson, Ph.D.

Major Research Programs

Measurement technologies and standards for regenerative and advanced therapies
NIST Laboratory Programs
Documentary Standards
ISO/TC 276: Biotechnology
Reference Materials

Dental materials
Virtual Photopolymerization; also see Materials Genomic initiative
Biomaterials Group


Standardization for Biotechnology

NIST administers the US TAG to ISO/TC276 Biotechnology as a means to coordinate national and international standards activities for existing and emerging biotechnology sectors. A robust standards infrastructure is critical for biotechnology in the:

       Protection of public health, safety, and the environment
       Development and commercialization of new technologies
Facilitation of national and international commerce


Research Opportunities

NIST-NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship: 2-year fellowship at NIST sponsored by the National Research Council. Please contact me if interested in developing a proposal.


Awards and Honors

  • Department of Commerce Bronze Medal (2014)
  • Research Full Professor, Dean's Faculty position, School of Dentistry, University of Maryland (since 2012)
  • NIST Sigma Xi Young Investigator Award (2011)
  • Department of Commerce Bronze Medal (2010)
  • National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Fellow



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  • Wang DB, Ye J, Hudson SD, Scott, KCK, Lin-Gibson S. Effect of Nanoparticles Size and Charge on Interactions with Self-Assembled Collagen. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2014, 417, 244-249. 
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  • Zhang K, Cheng L, Imazato S, Antonucci JM, Lin NJ, Lin-Gibson S, Bai YX, Xu HHK. Effects of Dual Antibacterial Agents MDPB and Nano-silver in Primer on Microcosm Biofilm, Cytotoxicity and Dentine Bond Properties. Journal of Dentistry, 2013, 41(5), 464-474.
  • Tutak W, Sarkar S, Lin-Gibson S, Farooque TM, Jyotsnendu G, Wang D, Kohn J, Bolikal D, Simon CG, The Support of Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Differentiation by Airbrushed Nanofiber Scaffold, Biomaterials, 2013, 34(10), 2389-2398. 
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Photo of Sheng Lin-Gibson.


* Leader, Biomaterials Group, Biosystems and Biomaterials Division    * Director, Regenerative Medicine Program                                            * Chair, US TAG to ISO/TC 276, Biotechnology
* Program Director: NIDCR-NIST Interagency Agreement


Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry, Virginia Tech

B.S., Biochemistry, Virginia Tech

B.A., Chemistry, Virginia Tech


Phone: 301-975-6765
Email: slgibson@nist.gov
Fax: 301-975-4977