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Nancy J. Lin, Ph.D.

Research Interests

  • Bacterial biofilm-material interactions
  • Dental polymers and composites
  • Secondary caries
  • Antibacterial materials
  • Bioactive materials
  • Mammalian cell response to materials  


Postdoctoral Research Opportunities through the National Research Council (NRC)

NIST-NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship: Two-year fellowship to work at NIST. Deadlines are Feb. 1 and Aug. 1. Application requires a 3000-word original research proposal. Stipend is $65,600 per year plus benefits and relocation expenses. Open to U.S. citizens only. Please contact me if interested in writing a proposal on dental materials or biomaterials research, including:


NIH/NIST Joint Sponsorship NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship: Two-year fellowship that involves multidisciplinary research with research advisors at both NIST and NIH. One application deadline per year of Aug. 1. Application requires a 3000-word original research proposal. Stipend is $55,000 per year plus benefits, relocation expenses, and travel allotment. Open to U.S. and non-U.S. citizens. Please contact me if interested in writing a proposal on dental materials research, including:


Awards and Honors

  • U.S. Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award (2010)
  • National Research Council (NRC/NIST) Postdoctoral Associateship, (2004-2006)
  • Society for Biomaterials: Student Travel/Professional Development Honorable Mention (2002)
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering: Research Day Oral Presentation Award (1999, 2002)
  • Society for Biomaterials: Student Travel/Professional Development Award (1999)
  • Graduate Fellowship from The Whitaker Foundation (1997-2003)
  • Graduate Fellowship from the National Science Foundation (declined, 1997)
  • Tau Beta Pi (national college honor society for engineering students) (inducted in 1995)
  • Valparaiso University Presidential Scholarship (1993-1997) 



Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Cheng L, Weir MD, Xu HHK, Antonucci JM, Lin NJ, Lin-Gibson S, Xu SM, Zhou XD. (2012) Effect of amorphous calcium phosphate and silver nanocomposites on dental plaque microcosm biofilms. J Biomed Mater Res B, DOI: 10.1002/jbm.b.32709.
  • Cheng L, Weir MD, Xu HHK, Kraigsley AM, Lin NJ, Lin-Gibson S, Zhou X. (2012) Antibacterial and physical properties of calcium-phosphate and calcium-fluoride nanocomposites with chlorhexidine. Dental Materials, 28: 573-583.
  • Cheng L, Weir MD, Xu HHK, Antonucci JM, Kraigsley AM, Lin NJ, Lin-Gibson S, Zhou X. (2012) Antibacterial amorphous calcium phosphate nanocomposites with a quaternary ammonium dimethacrylate and silver nanoparticles. Dental Materials, 28: 561-572.
  • Antonucci JM, Zeiger DN, Tang K, Lin-Gibson S, Fowler BO, Lin NJ. (2012) Synthesis and characterization of dimethacrylates containing quaternary ammonium functionalities for dental applications. Dental Materials, 28(2): 219-228.
  • Fagan JA, Lin NJ, Zeisler R, Hight Walker AR. (2011) Effects of gamma irradiation for sterilization on aqueous dispersions of length sorted carbon nanotubes. Nano Research, 4(4): 393-404.
  • Moore NM, Lin NJ, Gallant ND, Becker ML. (2011) Synergistic enhancement of human bone marrow stromal cell proliferation and osteogenic differentiation on BMP-2-derived and RGD peptide concentration gradients. Acta Biomaterialia, 7(5): 2091-2100.
  • Cheng YJ, Zeiger DN, Howarter JA, Zhang X, Lin NJ, Antonucci JM, Lin-Gibson S. (2011) In situ formation of silver nanoparticles in photocrosslinking polymers. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part B, Applied Biomaterials, 97(1): 124-131.
  • Sun J, Ding Y, Lin NJ, Zhou J, Ro H, Soles CL, Cicerone MT, Lin-Gibson S. (2010) Exploring cellular contact guidance using gradient nanogratings. Biomacromolecules, 11(11): 3067–3072.
  • Ding Y, Sun J, Ro HW, Wang Z, Zhou J, Lin NJ, Cicerone MT, Soles CL, Lin-Gibson S. (2011) Thermodynamic underpinnings of cell alignment on controlled topographies. Advanced Materials, 23(3): 421-425.
  • Cheng YJ, Antonucci JM, Hudson SD, Lin NJ, Zhang X, Lin-Gibson S. (2011) Controlled in situ nanocavitation in polymeric materials. Advanced Materials, 23(3): 409-413.
  • Moore NM, Lin NJ, Gallant ND, Becker ML. (2010) The use of immobilized osteogenic growth peptide on gradient substrates synthesized via click chemistry to enhance MC3T3-E1 osteoblast proliferation. Biomaterials, 31(7):1604-1611.
  • Zeiger DN, Stafford CM, Cheng Y, Leigh SD, Lin-Gibson S, Lin NJ. (2010) Effects of sample preparation on bacterial colonization of polymers. Langmuir, 26(4): 2659-2664.
  • Lin NJ, Lin-Gibson S. (2009) Osteoblast response to dimethacrylate composites varying in composition, conversion and roughness using a combinatorial approach. Biomaterials, 30(27): 4480-4487.
  • Sun J, Fang R, Lin NJ, Eidelman N, Lin-Gibson S. (2009) Nondestructive quantification of leakage and its correlation with material performance parameters. Biomaterials, 30(27): 4457-4462.
  • Lin NJ, Hu HQ, Sung LP, Lin-Gibson S. (2009) Quantification of cell response to polymeric composites using a two-dimensional gradient platform. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening, 12(6): 619-625.
  • Lin-Gibson S, Sung LP, Forster AM, Hu H, Cheng Y, Lin NJ. (2009) Effects of filler type and content on mechanical properties of photopolymerizable composites measured across two-dimensional combinatorial arrays. Acta Biomaterialia, 5(6): 2084-2094.
  • Lin NJ, Drzal PL, Lin-Gibson S. (2007) Two-dimensional gradient platforms for rapid assessment of dental polymers: A chemical, mechanical and biological evaluation. Dental Materials, 23(10): 1211-1220.
  • Lin NJ, Bailey LO, Becker ML, Washburn NR, Henderson LA. (2007) Macrophage response to methacrylate conversion using a gradient approach. Acta Biomaterialia, 3(2): 163-173.
  • Meilander-Lin NJ, Cheung PJ, Wilson DL, Bellamkonda RV. (2005) Sustained in vivo gene delivery from agarose hydrogel prolongs nonviral gene expression in skin. Tissue Engineering, 11(3-4): 546-555.
  • Meilander NJ, Pasumarthy MK, Kowalczyk TH, Cooper MJ, Bellamkonda RV. (2003) Sustained release of plasmid DNA from lipid microtubules and agarose hydrogel. Journal of Controlled Release, 88: 321-331.
  • Meilander NJ, Yu X, Ziats NP, Bellamkonda RV. (2001) Lipid-based microtubular drug delivery systems. Journal of Controlled Release, 71: 141-152.  


Book Chapters and Contributions

  • Lin NJ, Antonucci JM, Zeiger DN, Tang K, Lin-Gibson S. (2012) Positively-charged dimethacrylates to reduce bacterial attachment. Biomaterials Forum, in press.
  • Waters MS, Yang B, Lin NJ, Lin-Gibson S. (2011) Mechanics behind 4D interferometric measurement of biofilm mediated tooth decay. In Tom Proulx (Ed.), Optical Measurements, Modeling, and Metrology, Vol. 5 (pp. 337-344), New York: Springer.
  • Lin NJ, Sun J, Ding Y, Lin-Gibson S. (2010) Changes in cell orientation due to variations in nanograting height. Biomaterials Forum, 32(4): 31-32.
  • Meilander NJ, Lee HJ, Bellamkonda RV. (2009) Biomaterials to promote tissue regeneration. In M. Kutz (Ed.), Standard Handbook of Biomedical Engineering and Design, Second Edition, Vol. 1 (pp. 445-477), New York: McGraw-Hill.
  • Lin-Gibson S, Lin NJ, Landis FA. (2006) High-throughput evaluation of restorative dental polymers. Biomaterials Forum, 28(1): 21-23.
  • Meilander NJ, Bellamkonda RV. (2004) Lipid microtubules as sustained delivery vehicles for proteins and nucleic acids. In S. Svenson (Ed.), Carrier-based Drug Delivery, ACS Symposium Series 879 (pp. 85-97), Washington DC: American Chemical Society.
  • Meilander NJ, Bellamkonda RV. (2002) Biomaterials to promote tissue regeneration. In M. Kutz (Ed.), Standard Handbook of Biomedical Engineering and Design (pp. 16.1-16.29), New York: McGraw-Hill.
Photo of Nancy Lin


Biomedical Engineer
Biosystems and Biomaterials Division
Biomaterials Group

Employment History:

2012-present: Biomedical Engineer, NIST Biosystems and Biomaterials Division, Gaithersburg, MD

2006-2012: Biomedical Engineer, NIST Polymers Division, Gaithersburg, MD

2004-2006: NRC Postdoctoral Associate, NIST Polymers Division, Gaithersburg, MD

1997-2002: Whitaker Foundation Graduate Fellow, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH


Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University (2004)

B.S., summa cum laude, Mechanical Engineering, Valparaiso University (1997)


Phone: (301) 975-4935
Fax: (301) 975-4977