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Jing Ye

 Research Interests

  • Understand the process of biomineralization, including the mechanism and kinetics of nucleation, growth and crystallization of minerals.
  • Generate bone/teeth like materials with similar structures and/or functions based on biomineralization concepts for therapeutic purposes or as reference materials.
  • Design and fabricate advanced materials with tunable biomimetic features.


Patent Agent, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), 2010

Selected Publications

Hou, Y.; Ye, J.; Wei, X.; Zhang, G., "Effects of Cations on the Sorting of Oppositely Charged Microgels", Langmuir, 2009, 113, 7457

Hou, Y.; Ye, J.; Gui, Z.; Zhang, G., "Temperature-Modulated Photoluminescence of Quantum Dots", Langmuir, 2008, 24, 9682

Ye, J.; Hou, Y.; Zhang, G.; Wu, C., "Temperature-Induced Aggregation of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-Stabilized CdS Quantum Dots in Water", Langmuir, 2008, 24, 272

Ye, J.; Xu, J.; Hu, J.; Wang, X.; Zhang, G.; Liu, S.; Wu, C., "Comparative Study of Temperature-Induced Association of Cyclic and Linear Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Chains in Dilute Solutions by Laser Light Scattering and Stopped-Flow Temperature Jump", Macromolecules, 2008, 41, 4416

Zhang, Q.; Ye, J.; Lu, Y.; Nie, T.; Xie, D.; Song, Q.; Chen, H.; Zhang, G.; Tang, Y.; Wu, C.; Xie, Z., "Synthesis, Folding, and Association of Long Multiblock (PEO23-b-PNIPAM124)750 Chains in Aqueous Solutions", Macromolecules, 2008, 41, 2228

Jin, F.; Gong, X.; Ye, J.; Ngai, T., "Direct measurement of nanobubble-induced weak depletion attraction between a spherical particle and a flat surface in an aqueous solution", Soft Matter, 2008, 5, 968

Jin, F.; Ye, J.; Hong, L.; Lam, H.; Wu, C., "Slow Relaxation Mode in Mixtures of Water and Organic Molecules: Supramolecular Structures or Nanobubbles?", J. Phys. Chem. B., 2007, 111, 2255

Xu, J.; Ye, J.; Liu, S., "Synthesis of Well-Defined Cyclic Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) via Click Chemistry and Its Unique Thermal Phase Transition Behavior", Macromolecules, 2007, 40, 9103

Cai, P.; Wang, C.; Ye, J.; Xie, Z.; Wu, C., "Hybridization of Polymeric Micelles in a Dispersion Mixture", Macromolecules, 2004, 37, 3438

Picture of Jing Ye


Guest Researcher
Polymers Division
Biomaterials Group

Employment History:

2011-present: Guest Researcher, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD

2010-2011: Patent Agent, Sinorica International Patent & Trademark, Germantown, MD


Ph.D., Chemistry, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2008

B.S., Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, 2003


Phone: 301-975-6804