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Dr. Lili Wang

Scientific Awards:

CSTL Technical Achievement Award, 2004

Emerald Honor Award from Minorities in Research/Career Communications Group, 2007

Memberships and Committees:

International Society for Advancement of Cytometry

IFCC cTnI Standardization Working Group

CLSI on Fluorescence Calibration and Quantitative Measurement of Fluorescence Intensity JCTLM on Blood Cell Counting

Representative Publications:

L. Wang, A.K. Gaigalas, G.E. Marti, F. Abbasi, R.A. Hoffman. Toward Quantitative Fluorescence Measurements with Multicolor Flow Cytometry. Cytometry Part A 73A, 279-288 (2008).

M. Panteghini, D.M. Bunk, R.H. Christenson, A. Katrukha, R.A. Porter, H. Schimmel, L. Wang, J. Tate. Standardization of Troponin I Measurements: An Update. Clin Chem Lab Med 46(11), 1501-1506 (2008).

J.E. Noble, L. Wang, M.J.A. Bailey, E. Cerasoli, R.A. Porter, A.K. Gaigalas. An International Comparability Study for Determination of the Sources of Uncertainty Associated with a Fluorescent ELISA. Clin Chem Lab Med 46(7), 1033-1045 (2008).

L. Wang, F. Abbasi, A.K. Gaigalas, R.A. Hoffman, D. Flagler, and G.E. Marti. Quantifying CD4 Expression on T Lymphocytes Using Fluorescein Conjugates in Comparison with Unimolar CD4-Phycoerythrin Conjugates. Cytometry Part B, Clinical Cytometry 72B: 442-449 (2007).

L. Wang, K. D. Cole, Hua-Jun He, A. Peterson, A.K. Gaigalas, Y. Zong. Epitope Selection of Monoclonal Antibodies for Interleukin-4 Quantification Using Suspension Arrays and Forward-Phase Protein Microarrays. J. Proteome Res 6, 4720-4727 (2007).

Hua-Jun He, R. Pires, Tie-Nian Zhu, A. Zhou, A.K. Gaigalas, S. Zou, L. Wang. A Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Based Method for Detection of DNA Binding Activities of Nuclear Factor kB. BioTechniques 43, 93-98 (2007).

L. Wang, J. Blasic, M.J. Holden, and R. Pires. Sensitivity Comparison of Various Real-Time PCR Probe Designs on a Model DNA Plasmid. Anal. Biochem. 344, 257-265 (2005).


Multiple NIST-NRC and NIH/NIST NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities:

Research focuses on quantitative fluorescence measurements pertinent to quantifying clinically relevant biological substances and interactions of protein-protein, protein-DNA, DNA-DNA and protein-cell.


Research Chemist
Biochemical Science Division
Bioassay Methods Group


B.S. Chemistry, Wuhan University (China), 1987

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Notre Dame, 1996

Post Doc Department of Biological Chemistry, University of Maryland School of Medicine, 1996-1998


Phone: 1-301-975-2447
Fax: 1-301-975-5449