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Jamie Almeida

Jamie started working at NIST in August 2004. She has expertise in virus manipulation and tissue culture as she was the lead in a pathogen inactivation group at a biotech company before coming to NIST. Jamie works with Ken Cole in the Bioassay Methods Group where they work on characterizing biothreat agents and decontamination efforts for biothreat agents in water systems. Some of her contributions include: 1) stability studies for B. anthracis Sterne spores, 2) development of a destabilized enhanced GFP expressing cell line to detect ricin activity, and 3) decontamination of various biothreat agents in water systems in the presence and absence of pipe biofilms using chlorine and monochloramine. She was also an integral part of the Biochemical Science Safety Committee for two years and is now on the Biosafety Committee working to standardized biosafety across NIST.


Halter M., Almeida J., Tona A., Cole K.D., Plant A.L., Elliott J.T. 2009. A mechanistically relevant cytotoxicity assay based on the detection of cellular GFP ASSAY and Drug Dev Tech (accepted).

Almeida J., Harper B., Cole K. 2008. Bacillus anthracis spore suspensions: determination of stability and comparison of enumeration techniques Journal of Applied Microbiology 104(5): 1442-1448.

Gaigalas A., Almeida J., Cole K. 2008. Inactivation of ricin and model proteins by disinfectants: monitoring biological activity and fluorescence Biotechnology Progress 24: 784-791.

Morrow J.B., Almeida J., Fitzgerald L.A., Cole K.D. 2008. Association and Decontamination of Bacillus anthracis spores in a Simulated Drinking Water System Water Research 42(20): 5011-5021.

Almeida J., Wang L., Morrow J., Cole K. 2006. Requirements for the development of Bacillus anthracis spore reference materials used to test detection systems Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology 11(3):205-217.

Reipa V., Almeida J., Cole K.D. 2006. Long-term monitoring of biofilm growth and disinfection using a quartz crystal microbalance and reflectance measurements Journal of Microbiological Methods 66(3): 449-459.

Grieb T.A., Forng R., Stafford R.E., Lin J., Almeida J., Bogdansky S., Ronholdt C., Drohan W.N., Burgess W.H. 2005. Effective use of optimized, high-dose (50kGy) gamma irradiation for pathogen inactivation of human bone allografts Biomaterials 26(14): 2033-2042.


Biochemical Science Division
Bioassay Methods Group


B.S. Microbiology, Arizona State University, 2000

M.S. Biotechnology, Johns Hopkins University, 2007


Phone: 1-301-975-3318
Email: jamie.almeida@nist.gov