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Neha Rustagi

Research Interests:

Hydrogen fuel embrittlement of pipeline steel.


Rustagi, N., Tilley, D., and Schramski, J. (2008).  “Emergy[1] Analysis of Living Green Roofs,” Proceedings of Fifth Biennial Emergy Conference, in press.


Schramski, John R., Tilley, David R., Carter, Timothy L., and Rustagi, N. (2008).  “Data Collection, Assumptions, and Synthesis for Comparative Embodied Energy Analysis for Green Engineering.” Proceedings of Fifth Biennial Emergy Conference, in press.


Bulusu, S., Aydilek, A.H., and Rustagi, N. (2007). “CCB-Based Encapsulation of Pyrite for Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage”, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol. 143, No. 3, pp. 609-619.


Aydilek A.H., Demirkan, M.M., Seagren, E.A., ASCE Members, and Rustagi, N. (2007). “Leaching Behavior of Petroleum Contaminated Soils Stabilized with High Carbon Content Fly Ash”, Proceedings of GeoDenver 2007: New Peaks in Geotechnics, 14 p. (CD-Rom).
[1] “Emergy” is a term referring to the amount of energy of one kind that is used in transformations to produce a given product or service.


PREP Fellow
Materials Reliability
Structural Materials

Employment History:

Environmental Analyst, Dickerson Generating Station: 2009-2010.

Engineer, Dickerson Generating Station: 2008-2009.


Pursuing M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder.

B.S. Biological Resources Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park.

Phone: 303.497.4160
Fax: 303.497.5030