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Michael Stewart

Research Interests:

Water quality, filtration, water infrastructure for developing countries, water distribution, effects of silver nanoparticles on water treatment, water treatment for developing countries.


Awards and Memberships:

AmeriCorps Education Award (675 hours), 2002

CSU Distinguished Scholar Award, 1998-2002

Claude W. Wood Scholarship Recipient, 1998-2002

ASME Member

Eagle Scout

Treasurer, Pi Tau Sigma (Mechanical Engineering)

Tau Beta Pi (Engineering)

Sigma Xi (Research)

Golden Key National Honor Society


Publications Prior to Joining NIST:

M.W. Stewart, M.W. Hooker, P.E. Fabian, D.E Codell, S.C. Arzberger, S.D. Grandlienard, and K.S. Kano, “Development of a Low Cost Ceramic Insulation Material for Magnet Applications”, Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, Volume 52B, pp. 322-329 (2006).

M.W. Hooker, M.W. Stewart, P.E. Fabian, and M.L. Tupper, “In situ processing of high-temperature electrical insulation,” US patent application 20070199709, filed February 9, 2006.

M.W. Hooker, P.E. Fabian, M.W. Stewart, S.D. Grandlienard, and K.S. Kano, “Interfacial Coatings for Inorganic Composite Insulation Systems,” Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, Volume 52B, pp. 314-321 (2006).



Graduate Student, Environmental Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder
Materials Reliability Division
Cell and Tissue Mechanics

Employment History:

2005-2008, Materials Engineer, Composite Technology Development, Lafayette, CO

Synthesized and optimized unique resin chemistries for electrical insulation of superconductors.

Analyzed performance of new materials through fabrication of composite specimens; testing relevant thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties; and comparing results to design requirements.


2004-2005, Project Manager and Engineer, Ingenium Industrial Design, Denver, CO

Responsible for parts manufactured in accordance with FAA Transport category aircraft regulations.

Programmed and fully operated 3-axis mill (HAAS VM-3) to manufacture complex molds of up to 6 separate pieces for hand lay-up of composite parts.


Currently pursuing an M.S. in Environmental Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2003

  • Minors in Spanish, mathematics
  • Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina: earned 15 transfer credits towards ME curriculum, Spanish minor, and general studies (in Spanish).

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