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Jessica Torrey

Research Interests at NIST: 

Next-generation materials for water treatment- specifically removal of pharmaceuticals from wastewater, characterization of photocatalyst/adsorbent composite membranes, development of testing methods to elucidate the role of reactive nanoparticles in membranes for water purification, nanoparticle-enhanced environmental degradation of organic membranes

Workshop: Materials Challenges for Next-Generation Water Treatment

Professional Affiliations:

American Ceramic Society
Materials Research Society
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Tau Beta Pi 

Awards and Honors:

Best Poster Award, Boulder Laboratories Postdoctoral Poster Symposium (2011)
NRC-NIST Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2010)
Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship (2007)
Best Poster Award, Gordon Research Conference on Solid State Studies in Ceramics (2005)
Outstanding Female Engineer Award, University of Washington Society of Women Engineers (2005)  

Selected Publications Prior to Joining NIST:

Vasko, S.E., Jiang, W., Hanlen, R., Torrey, J.D., Dunham, S.T., Rolandi, M.  "Insights into scanning probe high-field chemistry of diphenylgermane," Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 13[11] (2011) p 4842-4845.

Torrey, J.D., Vasko, S.E., Kapetanovic, A., Zhu, Z., Scholl, A., Rolandi, M.  "Scanning Probe Direct-Write of Germanium Nanostructures," Advanced Materials, 22[41] (2010) p 4541-4653.

Torrey, J.D., Bordia, R.K., "Chapter 5.2: Filler Systems," and Scheffler, F., Torrey, J.D., "Chapter 5.4: Coatings," in Polymer Derived Ceramics: Theory and Applications, ed. Colombo, P., Riedel, R., Soraru, G.D., and Kleebe, H.-J., DEStech Publications (2010).

Torrey, J.D., Bordia, R.K., "Processing of polymer derived ceramic composite coatings on steel," Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 91[1] (2008) p 41–45.

Torrey, J.D., Bordia, R.K., "Mechanical properties of polymer derived ceramic composite coatings on steel," Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 28[1] (2008) p 253–257.

Torrey, J.D.,Bordia, R.K.," Phase and microstructural evolution in polymer-derived composite systems and coatings," Journal of Materials Research, 22[7] (2007) p 1959-1966.

Torrey, J.D., Bordia, R.K., Henager, C.H., Jr., Blum, Y., Shin, Y., Samuels, W.D., "Composite polymer derived ceramic system for oxidizing environments," Journal of Materials Science, 41[14] (2006) p 4617-4622.



Materials Research Engineer
Materials Reliability Division
Cell & Tissue Mechanics

Employment History:

2010-present:  NIST, Materials Reliability Division, NRC/NIST Postdoctoral Fellow, Boulder, CO

2008‐2010:  University of Washington, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Seattle, WA

2010:  National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS), Visiting Scientist, Tsukuba, Japan

2007‐2008:  University of Erlangen, Materials Science‐ Dept. of Glass and Ceramics and ZAE Bayern, Division 3‐ Thermosensorics and Photovoltaics, Humboldt Research Fellow, Erlangen, Germany


Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA,  2006

B.S. in Ceramic Engineering, Alfred University, Alfred, NY,  2002


Phone: 303-497-6856
Fax: 303-497-5030