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Jenifer Blacklock

Research Interests:

Nanoparticle research; DNA localized delivery systems; Biomaterials; Bioreducible thin films

Professional Affiliations:

Society for Biomaterials
American Chemical Society (ACS) 

Awards and Honors:
Max Planck Fellowship for international studies (2009-2010)
Fulbright Fellow (Max Planck Institute, Germany) (2008-2009)
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship (IREE) (2008)
Guest Fellow, Paul Scherrer Institute, Neutron and Condensed Matter lab, Villigen, Switzerland (2007)
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship (IREE) (2007)
Graduate Professional Scholarship, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2006-2007)

Blacklock, J., Vetter, A., Lankenau, A., Oupicky, D., Mohwald, H. Tuning the mechanical properties of bioreducible multilayer films for improved cell adhesion and transfection activity, Biomaterials, 31(27), 7167-7174 (2010).

Blacklock, J., Mao, G.Z., Oupicky, D., Mohwald, H. DNA release dynamics from bioreducible layer-by-layer films, Langmuir, 26(11), 8597-8605 (2010).

Blacklock, J., Sievers, T.K., Handa, H., You, Y.Z., Oupicky, D., Mao, G.Z., Mohwald, H. Cross-linked bioreducible layer-by-layer films for increased cell adhesion and transgene expression, Journal of Physical Chemistry: B, 114(16), 5283-5291 (2010).

Volodkin, D.V., Madaboosi, N., Blacklock, J., Skirtach, A.G., Mohwald, H. Surface-supported multilayers decorated with bio-active material aimed at light-triggered drug delivery. Langmuir, 25(24), 14037-14043 (2009).

Blacklock, J., You, Y.Z., Zhou, Q.H., Mao, G.Z., Oupicky, D. Gene delivery in vitro and in vivo from bioreducible multilayered polyelectrolyte films of plasmid DNA. Biomaterials, 30(5), 939-950 (2009).

Blacklock, J., Handa, H., Manickam, D.S., Mao, G.Z., Mukhopadhyay, A., Oupicky, D. Disassembly of layer-by-layer films of plasmid DNA and reducible TAT polypeptide. Biomaterials, 28(1), 117-124 (2007).


Research Engineer
Materials Reliability
Cell & Tissue Mechanics

Employment History:

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute (Dept. Colloids and Interfaces), Potsdam, Germany (2009-2010)

Gene Delivery Lab, Wayne State University, Graduate Research Assistant, Detroit, MI (2004-2009)

Project Manager, HIROTECH Engineering, Auburn Hills, MI (2003-2004)


Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI (June 2009)

M.S. Biomedical Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI (June 2006)

B.S. Manufacturing Engineering, Miami University, Oxford, OH (August 2004)

B.S. Engineering Management, Miami University, Oxford, OH (August 2004)

Phone: 303.497.4450
Fax: 303.497.5030