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General Information:

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Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Centers for South Dakota and Kentucky

NIST invites proposals from eligible proposers for funding two (2) separate MEP centers to provide manufacturing extension services to primarily small and medium-sized manufacturers in two separate locations, South Dakota and/or Kentucky. These MEP centers will become part of the MEP national system of extension service providers, currently comprised of more than 400 centers and field offices located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

It is not the intent of this program that the centers perform research and development.

Eligible Applicants: The eligibility requirements given in this section will be used in lieu of those published in the MEP regulations found at 15 C.F.R. part 290, specifically 15 C.F.R. § 290.5(a)(1).  Each award recipient must be a U.S. based nonprofit institution or organization.  For the purpose of this FFO, nonprofit organizations include, but are not limited to, universities and state and local governments.  An eligible organization may work individually or include proposed subawards or contracts with others in a project proposal, effectively forming a team or consortium.  Existing MEP centers are eligible.  

To view full Federal Funding Opportunity, click here.

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South Dakota and Kentucky Competition Time-line:

NIST MEP is planning to run a competition for the creation of a center in South Dakota and Kentucky.  Below is an outline of the key steps along with the target timing of each.  These actions will take place over the next several months.  Updates and changes will be posted to this site as needed.

  • March 2012 – Post Federal Register Notice (FRN)/Federal Funding Opportunity  (FFO) (60 Day Posting)

  • Late April 2012  – FFO/FRN Closes and Review Process Begins

  • May-June 2012 – Review Process Continues and Selection of Proposed Awardees

  • July 2012 – Award


Webinar Information Session.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please submit questions regarding this funding Opportunity to Diane Henderson @

A FAQ document will be posted as questions are received.