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General Information:

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 4800
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-4800


MEP Program Speeds Commercialization and Encourages Innovation

Now, more than ever, job growth is critically important to the U.S. economy. National job creation and future economic prosperity depends on marshaling resources in an effective and concentrated fashion. Federal, state, and local governments plus foundations, universities and non-profit organizations are sponsoring efforts to encourage economic growth by speeding commercialization and encouraging innovation, but information on these efforts is scattered and not easily accessible.

The Website

NIST MEP will develop a searchable, web-based resource of public-private initiatives that speed commercialization and encourage innovation. Integrated into the NIST MEP on-line resources, the site will enable manufacturers, tech firms, and entrepreneurs across the country to easily identify and contact more than 2,000 public-private organizations and initiatives designed to assist them. The site will profile more than 900 organizations that offer capital, intensive entrepreneurial support, technical assistances, and access to new markets.

This tool will complement the broader set of resources NIST MEP is developing to help U.S. manufacturers accelerate the adoption of technology that results in new products and business opportunities.  This broader set of tools includes the National Innovation Marketplace (NIM).  The NIM is an on-line tool to equip manufacturers to use emerging technology and find market opportunities.  The NIM brings together ideas, products, and future opportunities businesses need to identify new markets, diversify and create new jobs.  The new database will complement the NIM by:

  • Enabling tech firms, entrepreneurs, financiers, practitioners and policymakers across the country to easily identify and contact public-private resources available for speeding commercialization and encouraging innovation
  • Improving the efficiency and impact of public and public/private investments that encourage success in high-growth, innovation-based businesses
  • Helping to identify gaps in services across the country
  • Encouraging cooperation between programs, government, and potential partners

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