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General Information:

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 4800
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-4800


Lean Product Development

Transform Product Design & Development Activity Into a Low Waste, High Value, Lean Process

NIST MEP's Innovation Engineering Management System is designed to supply tools and methods to transform businesses into innovation driven, growth oriented firms. The system supplies world class tools and methods to generate innovative process and product concepts and the tools and process methods to rapidly transform innovative concepts into commercial reality. Lean Product Development is an integral component of the Innovation Engineering Management System focusing on concept development and commercial delivery.

In the current economic climate, doing more with less is a mandate for virtually every firm. Lean Product Design and Development methods and principles help firms reduce time to market, improve resource utilization, and reduce new product development risk, while cutting waste, reducing product costs and product development expense. Firms that embrace the practical, waste-eliminating methods of Lean Product Development and Lean Product Design have reported up to a 50% reduction in launch schedule, dramatic improvements in gross margin and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Lean Product Design and Lean Product Development are components of both NIST MEP's Continuous Improvement strategy and Technology Acceleration strategy. The primary focus of Lean Product Development is to apply the waste elimination philosophy of lean operations into the product development process. Lean Product Design and Development efforts at MEP focus on:

  • Leadership: creating cultural change while positioning manufacturers to grow and increase their profits through Lean Product Development

  • Transformation of the small and mid-size manufacturer's enterprise via the delivery and execution of Lean Product Development tools, methods and strategies

  • Providing Integrated Lean Product Development, Lean Product Design, and Lean and Sustainable Product Design toolkits consisting of tools, products, and services that transform client firms under the larger umbrella of MEP Growth Services

Lean Product Development Services
MEP's "Quickstart" Lean Product Development workshops provide a step-by-step methodology for integrating the powerful waste-eliminating tools of lean product development into any product development process. Workshops can be tailored to the client's specific product development process needs. The workshops expose participants to an ideal Lean New Product Development process and to Lean Product Development tools and methods - many of which can be applied immediately. 

Lean Product Development and Design methods and principles help companies overcome time to market, portfolio management, design and development resource, and new product cost challenges. The workshops expose clients to an ideal New Product Development Process that can be easily scaled to their size and need, while providing insight and tools to begin the journey to transform their product design and development activity into a low waste, high value, lean process.


"We reduced our new product development process from 1 year to 12 weeks."

— Jeff Imes, Chief Operating Officer
W.P. Hickman Co., Asheville

Innovate or Die
A Manufacturer's Guide to Real Solutions. Maybe you already have an idea for your next new product. It's that long step to production that's holding you back. Innovation should be a process within a company, and any process can be improved. Developing a new product is exciting and risky, but you can learn to reduce the risk so you can enjoy the excitement — and the payoff. We will show you how lean design tools and lean product development can reduce costs, improve resource utilization, and accelerate time-to-market for new products and services by eliminating the non-value-added waste in the development stages. Lean product development can be used by those new to product development or trying to improve their current product or process development. Learn what waste and value look like in the context of new product development. Learn how to achieve significant improvements in time-to-market, and production costs by applying lean principles to the product development environment.


For more information about Lean Product Development services, please contact:

Brian Lagas              
(301) 975-5043