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General Information:

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 4800
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-4800



Helping U.S. Manufacturers Build Successful Export Strategies


ExporTech helps companies enter or expand in global markets. The program assists participating companies in developing an international growth plan, provides experts who will vet their plans, and connects the companies with organizations like yours that will help them move quickly beyond planning to actual export sales.

In today’s economy, more and more companies are turning internationally to offset declines in domestic sales. In fact, exporting is rapidly becoming the fasting growing segment of the market. ExporTech leads companies through a facilitated process that prepares them for profitable growth in global markets.

ExporTech is deployed nationally as a collaboration between the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, U.S. Export Assistance Centers, and other partners including District Export Councils, State Trade Offices, Ex-Im Bank and SBA. These partners help to recruit participants, line up speakers, and in many cases, serve as speakers themselves in the ExporTech sessions. Customized to the specific learning needs of participants, each workshop is limited to six to eight participating companies to provide sufficient time and attention to each company’s specific challenges. The companies meet for three one-day sessions over a three-month period, and, in between sessions, participants work on developing their export plans.

The program’s small workshop size and customized format focuses on merging strategy with results. Throughout the program, local experts knowledgeable in all aspects of exporting are brought in to provide information and guidance enabling companies to accelerate their growth plan and speed to market. The program’s customized agenda and small group discussion format ensure that companies walk away with information and guidance that specifically applies to their business. In the final work session, a panel of experienced international businesspeople reviews and provides feedback on each participating company’s export growth plan.

 No other program offers such horsepower: I tell our clients about it all the time. If they want to know about exporting, they need to be in that class.Bill Mullane TechHelp, Idaho MEP

ExporTech is a faster way to get new-to-export successes: 20-30% of participants generate measurable results quickly, compared to the twelve months it typically takes for companies that we work with.Bill Burwell U.S. Commercial Service, Baltimore

“ExporTech has given us the logistical knowledge and information so we can be very successful." Anthony Chandler, Vice President, Wilco Machine & Fab

"ExporTech has proven its worth in helping companies start or expand an export initiative." Wisconsin Department of Commerce Secretary Aaron Olver.

“Being able to speak one-on-one with experts within the various aspects of exporting was very beneficial. Having a person to call and verify what we were doing as we worked through the process was very valuable to us. Dakota MEP provided an excellent opportunity to put all the experts in one room and provided the information that was important to us.” — Mitch Richter, Marketing

ExporTech for U.S. Manufacturers


For manufacturers, ExporTech is the “how-to” program that helps your small- or medium-sized company enter or expand into global markets by assisting in the development of an international growth plan customized specifically for your business. Utilizing a team of export experts, ExporTech helps your company move quickly beyond planning, into actual, profitable export sales.

The ExporTech program is intended for executives and is aimed at both new-to-export companies and those that have done some exporting, but have not fully exploited global opportunities.

If you’re a manufacturer, ExporTech:

    • provides resources that help you rapidly move from planning to actual sales andpayment
    • teaches you international strategies and success factors based on real-world company research
    • helps your team build a robust export plan in just three months
    • connects you with reputable resources and expert consultations in your community
    • accelerates your speed to market, actual leads and sales

If you’re a manufacturer interested in learning more about ExporTech, contact your local MEP center for more information.


ExporTech for Partners

For partners, ExporTech is an effective program that leverages your resources and expertise to successfully help U.S. manufacturers export internationally.  Through your participation, expertise and tools, companies quickly get the knowledge they need to build strong export strategies and use that strategy to generate profitable sales abroad.  Partners see an increased speed to export with companies that have gone through the ExporTech program.

The ExporTech program is the ideal venue for your organization to reach U.S. manufacturers looking to export.  Due to the customized format of the program, your program’s message will have the measureable impact on ExporTech participants.

If you’re a partner, ExporTech:
    • increases the speed to export due to companies creating a vetted export plan
    • provides measureable client impact in top-line sales & cost savings
    • attracts new companies to your organization
    • builds successful long-term relationships
    • enhances partnership-building among your local organizations

If you’re interested in learning more about how your organization can be involved with ExporTech, contact Kari Reidy at (301) 975-4919 or