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Publication Citation: Domain-engineered PPLN for entangled photon generation and other quantum information applications

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Author(s): Paulina S. Kuo; Jason S. Pelc; Oliver T. Slattery; Lijun Ma; Xiao Tang;
Title: Domain-engineered PPLN for entangled photon generation and other quantum information applications
Published: May 01, 2014
Abstract: We describe the design and application of domain-engineered periodically poled lithium niobate (PPLN) for use as a source of entangled photons and for other tools in quantum information and communications. By specially designing and controlling the PPLN poling pattern, multiple nonlinear optical processes can be simultaneously phasematched. This capability can be used to generate polarization-entangled photon pairs through type-II spontaneous parametric downconversion. The single PPLN crystal is designed to produce both the |HV and |VH states where the downconverted photons are distinguishable by wavelengths, which enables generation of post-selection-free, polarization-entangled twin photons. We describe the design and fabrication of the PPLN crystal, and initial experimental results for downconversion of a 775 nm pump to 1532 nm and 1567 nm orthogonally polarized photons. We also discuss other applications of engineered optical frequency conversion for quantum information including the use of dual-wavelength upconversion as a beamsplitter to route or analyze photons.
Conference: SPIE Photonics Europe
Proceedings: Proceedings of SPIE
Pages: 8 pp.
Location: Brussels, -1
Dates: April 14-17, 2014
Keywords: quantum optics, nonlinear optics, parametric processes, polarization entangled pair source, spontaneous parametric downconversion, entanglement
Research Areas: Quantum Optics, Single Photon Detectors, Entangled Photons, Quantum Communications
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/12.2058567  (Note: May link to a non-U.S. Government webpage)
PDF version: PDF Document Click here to retrieve PDF version of paper (451KB)