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Publication Citation: Measurement Traceability in Medical Physics

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Author(s): Lisa R. Karam;
Title: Measurement Traceability in Medical Physics
Published: January 01, 2014
Abstract: Medical physics, the joining of physics with healthcare, requires a level of quality assurance beyond many applications of the physical sciences. Always the health, and often the life, of the patient depends on the precise and accurate implementation of potentially dangerous tools such as ionizing radiation (x rays, electromagnetic radiation, radionuclides), the control of which is necessary for both efficacy and safety. A key approach to assuring this necessary control is through measurement or metrological traceability.
Citation: Medical Physics
Volume: 39
Pages: pp. 2 - 4
Keywords: dosimetry, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, uncertainties
Research Areas: Radiation Physics, Medical Physics
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