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Publication Citation: Applications of Computational Thermodynamics

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Author(s): J Agren; F H. Hayes; LFJ H. Hoglund; Ursula R. Kattner; B Legendre; R Schmid-fetzer;
Title: Applications of Computational Thermodynamics
Published: February 01, 2002
Abstract: The major tools used in applying computational thermodynamics to various problems in materials science are briefly presented and several practical examples are given as illustrations. Solutions to industrial problems pertaining to the processing of and microstructure development in several different materials are shown with answers given in graphical form. Solutions to kinetic problems linked with diffusion are also treated. The last section is devoted to the problem of interfacting between thermodynamic computations and applications oriented software.
Citation: Zeitschrift Fur Metallkunde
Volume: 93
Issue: No. 2
Keywords: computational thermodynamics,diffusion,materials processing,micro-kinetics,microstructure development,phase equilibria
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