June 24, 2004

Lab Contents

Adding Drawing Tools to ImageJ

vanilla tool bar
tool bar with drawing tools


The drawing tools can be added to the toolbar using macros.

Example macros are here:   http://rsb.info.nih.gov/ij/macros/tools/, and the example macros you need are DrawingTools.txt and SprayCanTool.txt.  You can install one or the other macro by putting them in the ImageJ/macros folder and then using Plugins / Macros / Install..., however if the tools from one file are in place, installing the other macro file will erase the former tools.

The most convenient thing to do is to combine the two macro files into one named StartupMacros.txt and put this file in the macros folder.  The tools will then be automatically installed each time you start ImageJ.  Note - move the variable definitions of the macros added to the end of your startup file to the beginning - before all macro definitions.

Here is a copy of my startupmacros.txt file. Don't forget to copy this file when updating to a new version of ImageJ that is in a new location.