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Bit mapped (binary) images saved by Lispix

Sometimes Photoshop gives a 'binary error' when trying to open bit map TIFF images that Lispix wrote.  Lispix reads the files, but Photoshop will not.  In this case, use 'Image / scale to positive integer', use the default 255 limit, and save the scaled (byte) image.  Photoshop will read this image.


Binary GIF images - black and white - open in Lispix as 0 - 255.

If the background is colored (say black and purple), they open in Lispix as 0 - 1, with a palette as one would expect. (10/15/2002  I don't know which - Lispix or Photoshop - is giving the binary images special treatment, but I think Photoshop.)


Open (image) file error on some servers:

Attempting to open an image file sometimes gives an Error # 4.  This happens when Photoshop is running, has opened images in that folder, but does not necessarily have the image open at the time the error occurs.  Close Photoshop to stop the error.