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Tiling and arranging images.

To tile all images from upper right corner of the Lispix window, use the Tile convenience button . 

<shift>'Tile' - If shift key is down, images are tiled to right of front image, which is not moved.

To control the number of images in a row, decrease the size of the main Lispix window - click and drag the right edge.

The position of a row is the bottom of the last window in the preceeding row.  To lower the row, temporarily lower the bottom edge of the last window.  Then resort (say, with 'Window / sort up').  Then tile again. 

Windows are tiled by their layer number - if you click on an image and then tile, that image will replace the upper left image, which moves to the right, and so on.  Order the windows (actually their layers) using 'Window / sort ...'.

To make all of the windows the same size before tiling, use

      1)  'Window / squarify', holding down the shift key, or

      2)  'Window / size to front', or 'Window / size to second', while holding down the shift key.

After making the windows the same size, if you want to zoom the images to that size, use <shift> Zoom / to window'.

In Windows XP / 2000 / NT the minimum width of a window is 104 pixels.

There is no minimum height, but the title bar is always there.