Lispix Parameters.

'Status / parameters'

These values control the behavior of Lispix.

You generally do not need to change them.

x   ascii-image-collumns      398

x   ascii-image-rows    510

c   beep-after-display  t

x   default-scale-method      (clip-image inverse-clip-image)

x   dir-stack     (nil 0)

x   directories   ((read nil image read directory)

                 (write nil image write directory)

                 (aux1 nil aux1 directory) (aux2 nil aux2 directory)

                 (blob nil blob info directory))

c   display-as-blank    t

c   display-size-to-screen    nil

b   drag-to-scroll      off

b   file-sort-method    alpha-up

b   file-wild-card      *.*

b   float-save-type     ieee-single

b   gray-scale-on-slider-close      nil

b   jpeg-compression    0

b   kernel-radius 5

b   last-typed-file-name      image

c   loop-monitor-print-threshold-secs     60

b   menu_selected_color 16777164

b   mouse_draw_color    16577285

c   nice-number-format-length 7

c   parameter_list_length_limit     10

c   resize-screen-fraction-limit    0.95

b   rgb-to-grayscale-on-open  nil

c   size-image-to-screen-on-display nil

c   small-title-color   16711680

b   small-titles  t

c   threshold-color     16711680

c   tool-window-position      1060

c   use-old-text-window nil

x     These parameters may be discarded soon.

b     Set directly by buttons.

c     Control Lispix behavior.  Some documented below:

display-as-blank  Lispix will show a blank window on opening an

                  image file.

                  Same as 'window / blank' on an image window.

                  Lispix does not display image, but has the data.

                  For saving time when editing blob outlines of

                  large images that take a while to zoom down.

                  Display image with 'windows / unblank'.

display-size-to-screen  Zooms image to fit display area on screen.