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Image file I/O.  

Note - image names appear in the window title bar.  The image name is the same as the file name.  If the name is the same as an image already opened, '-2' is appended to the name in the window title..  You may change any image names (the window title) using the 'rename' button.

Lispix recognizes image file types by their extensions. 

If the file has no extension (a Mac habit), Lispix will attempt to open it as a TIFF file.

All images except RGB and gray level with palettes (GIF and TIFF with a Colormap tag) are scaled for display.  See



It is often convenient, immediately after loading related images, to make a new group and assign all of the newly opened images to it.

Then all the images can be tiled, zoomed, closed, together.


Sychronized scrolling

Using '**Groups** / |=|', the images can be linked so that they will zoom and scroll together, either using a 'Navigator', or by 'Drag On'.

Most I/O operations use the image default read directory and the image default write directory. 


Image Read and Write directories, other directories

All the directories can be the same. .

'<-' and '->' cycle through all directories visited so far in the session.

The default read directory can be set in several ways: