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On Line Help

3) Hold down the control key when invoking any Lispix command, including menu items or buttons in the Menu Bar and in the Tools..

For example, this Help Dialog appears when you hold down the control key while selecting the File / New command in the Lispix Menu Bar:

  Clicking on Type this in the Help Dialog above will print the information in the dialog to a text window.  You can save any text window, such as Help message below, to a file using  File / save TEXT.  For printing, you can copy and paste the text to another program.  Lispix does not work with printers.

This "Help message" text window will accumulate information from whatever menues you <control click>, each separated by the dashed line.  The first line is the name of the menu item, in this case "New".  The second line is the Lispix function name, or the Lisp form that the menu invokes.  The lines that follow are the documentation that also appears in the dialog as shown above.

Clicking on code in the above dialog will just print the second line (the function name or Lisp form) in a "function information" text window. 

Reporting Errors using the Console

In the event of a program error for which I have not programmed a response, a message is printed to the console. The console normally does not appear -- to see the console, right click on the Lispix icon (actually an Allegro Common Lisp icon) in your task bar to show the console.

Cut and paste the contents of the console to a text editor, and email to David Bright.  Please give as much detail as practicable about what happened immediately before the failure.



The console window looks something like this.  Normally you should never have to look at it.

Here is a screen shot of the console abruptly appearing when attempting to load a spectrum image with Lx26.  (This bug is fixed in Lx28.)