Use TIFF to save image data, and JPEG to save as displayed, for

input into Powerpoint, for example.


      Saves image data - 8 bit, 16 bit, float, rgb, etc.

      Does not compress (LZW is complicated and slow.  Lispix does

      not read or write TIFF files with LZW compression.  Or any other

      type of compression.)

      Windows / View / as Thumbnails works dependably only for images

      scaled to 8 bit and then saved as TIFF.  Use

      'TOOLS / Process folder / ... and

      'scale to byte clip 2' as the processing command.

      See Help / Examples / tiff-for-thumbnail.


      Saves 8 bit RGB data.

      Lispix takes the displayed image - the scaled image data plus

      the look up table or color map - and saves it as an RGB color

      image.  Lispix will then load the file as an RGB color image,

      unless 'File / open color images as graylevel' is 'no'.

      Note, although the images look as displayed, the data will

      be lost, except for gray scale images using all or nearly

      all of the 8 bit intensity range.

      Note - some programs store gray level images in JPEG format,

      saving only one color channel.  For example, they might look

      dark blue.  To view as gray level, use

      'File / open color images as graylevel' / 'yes'.


TIFF file format. 

See TIFF 6.0 Specification  (Aldus Corp.) for TIFF details.

New TIFF tags