ASCII image file formats

Notes  for  ***Buttons*** / Utilities! / ASCII


* Open As 1 row per line            One row of pixels per one row of

ascii text.  The image dimensions are implicit in the number of values

per row and the number of rows in the file.  These files tend to be

very wide - not easily readable with some text editors.


* Set dimensions                    Dimensions used in reading the

following file formats, since the image dimensions are not given

in the file.

* Open As 1 pixel per line          Each line has one pixel.  There

can be more than one number per line, giving 2 or more collumns

in the file.  Lispix makes one image per collumn.

* Open As odd pixels per line       (expanded and put in Import

file utility. 

***Buttons*** / File / Raw / I/O / Import from ASCII file

Each line can have a variable

number of pixels.  These files are readable with a text

editor that can handle large files.  The image dimensions

are not explicit in the file - only the raw pixel data.


Directions for loading 1 or more images from one file, one pixel

per line:

*  Set the image dimensions using

      ASCII / Set dimensions - by typing        if no sample image

                                                is open.

      ASCII / Set dimensions - to front window  If a sample image

                                                of the correct size

                                                is in front.

      (You can check the image dimensions by using

      'Set dimensions - by typing', then 'Cancel'.

* 'ASCII / Open as 1 pixel per line'

      If the file has 2 collumns, type 2 for the number of images.

      Choose the appropriate float or integer data type to hold

      the image data.

* Reading the image may take a minute or so.

* Note that the images have a number appended to the name, denoting

the collumn from whence each came.

* For faster I/O in re-using the images, save them as TIFF or RAW.