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Broswing NIST Glass RM Database

Using the Spreadsheet and Periodic Table Tools

(Note - the Glass Database Tool is discontinued.)  The database gives elemental compositions for over 200 NIST glasses which are Research Materials.

The database is now a spreadsheet in the Lispix data folder:  glass-RM-spreadsheet.txt.  This spreadsheet is an example of a data set with elemental information (weight percent) that you can visualize using the Periodic Table Tool in conjunction with the Spreadsheet Tool.

Spreadsheet File Format

Format for the Spreadsheet File

The database should be a spreadsheet or chart, with one column for the material designation or name, and one column for each element, giving the relative amount of the material or element.  Export the spreadsheet as a text, tab-delimited file for Lispix to read.

The table has one row per glass, and one column per element.  The first column lists the NIST number for the glass.  The column order is not important, and there can be additional columns, but each elemental column must have the element symbol ("Al", "Mg", etc.) as its title.  Blank cells (element is not in the glass, or there is no information) may have a space, nothing or "nil".


Note that the file is listed at the top of the Spreadsheet Tool, and that this spreadsheet lists 234 glasses, and 68 elements.


To List the Elemental Composition of a Glass

if you know its number:

First, select the row for the glass that you want.

Then, list the elements for that row:

To Show the Elements in the Periodic Table Tool

The Glass has four elements.  The red color means that all four elements are major constituients (10% - 100%).


To Select Glasses with Similar Composition

To List a Summary for the Selected Glasses

List composition of these glasses individually

  1. Show / Select columns to print / all columns with data for at least one selected row  (See message that 12 columns will be printed.
  2. Show / list selected rows

To List Elements that are in All the Selected Glasses

To Show the Composition of this Group of Seven Glasses


To Find a Glass with a Given Composition

To Plot U vs Al for all Glasses in the Database