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In Windows, 'View / Thumbnails' is very handy.  Lispix now has a tool to generate a folder of thumbnail files, which is used with the Particle Database and Spreadsheet Tools, and is viewed very rapidly with the Windows, 'View / Thumbnails' utility.


Tools / Process Folder / Files in folder / Reduce & CLUT

This will shrink all images in a folder to a constant size (use 120 for thumbnails), and apply a CLUT to enhance the image so that the thumbnail looks better.  The enhancement does not change any of the image data.


Reduce & CLUT is second from the bottom on the right. 

Makes a folder of thumbnails or images of constant size.
Also includes a CLUT in the TIFF file so that the images are more clearly visible, but the
image data is preserved (no spikes in the histogram of the image data due to scaling).
Lispix applies the CLUT to the image with scaling = none,
so that Photoshop or the Windows view by thumbnails will work as expected.

(Hold down the control key when selecting this command for more explanation.)


Older method:

The Windows thumbnails view requires specific file formats.  Some formats that work are 8 bit TIFF, BMP, PICT (some), GIF and JPEG.

To convert files (that Lispix reads) for viewing as thumbnails:

Then, in Windows, open the write folder and use 'View / thumbnails'.