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Profile Plot of RGB Image

The profile tool works only on gray level images.

To get three intensity plots for an RGB image (all on the same plot and in color):

1)    Display the RGB image.
2)    Convert to three separate gray level images, one each for red, green and blue:
      a)    'TOOLS / 2 & 3 Variables / RGB!'.  This selects the RGB image.
      b)    'RGB overlay / rgb -> b'
            'RGB overlay / rgb -> g'
            'RGB overlay / rgb -> r'
      Doing the colors in reverse places the r image on top, for convenience.
3)    Make plots for each of the three images, with the appropriate color:
      a)    'TOOLS / Profiles / Image!  This selects the front image.  Assume it is the red image.
      b)    'Line on!'  Position line and set width as desired.
      c)    'Plot!'
      d)    Choose color using the Color menu item on the Menu Bar.
      e)    Plots / Change color (on the Menu Bar)     This sets the color of the plot to the color selected by step d.
      f)    Click on other two images and repeat steps a-f to make colored plots for them.
4)    Combine the 3 color plots into a single plot:
      'Plots / combine plots'.  Select the three previous plots.
      Make a shorter name for this plot if desired