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Principal Component Analysis example 1

     Load cube


          Sample rpl file:


Lispix opens cube showing slice 0. Image of this size better seen using 'zoom / 2' , which will also get rid of the white space.

     PCA of original cube (less blank images).

          Use regions slider to eliminate the blank images at the beginning. I eliminated more slices than is absolutely necessary, I suppose. I cut off some at the end, just for good measure.


  Color overlay and score plots

          Extract first 3 slices into individual images:

          The order of the images depends on when they were clicked.

          They can also be sorted using 'window / sort up' and 'window / sort down'.

Scatter plots:


     Larger images have more counts in the scatter diagram, and have more colors.


    To highlight the pixels in the traceback mask:

      Make an image of the cube data:   'Image / sum image from whole cube'

To overlay the traceback on the sum image: