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Image Processing Samples




Aspect Ratio




Ni Spheres Small

Nickle Spheres - 10 um. (1024 x 768)     Ni Spheres Small

The Blob Tool is for counting and sizing particles.  These are images of 10 micrometer Nickle spheres and sphereoids.


Other Histogram Examples

16 Bit Histogram

 FeConc04  Iron image, 64 x 64 x 16 bits.  (TIFF file)

Example of 16-bit image.  Image values range from 276 to 588. 

Histogram using Info / Plot Histogram / Normal / Original.

Histogram Equalization


Light micrograph of asbestos fibers on Nucleopore* (polycarbonate) filter.


The fibers are obscured and the filter is enhanced using histogram equalization:  Scale / Equalize.

Direction of Gradient


Light micrograph, bright field, of asbestos fibers.  Opened by Photoshop.  Note that the image appears dimmer than when Lispix displays it (below).  Lispix auto-scales all displayed images so that min-value is black and max value is white.  In this case the maximum value of the image is 232 rather than 255.  To see the image in Lispix as Photoshop displays it, use Scale / None.  (Reset with Scale / Linear.)

Micrograph on left, and the direction of the gradient (Filter / Direction of Gradient).

Note that this sensitive filter shows the presence of fibers in what appear to be blank areas of the original image, without obliterating the other fibers.  More explanation in this Microscopy & Microanalysis abstract.

Averaged Intensity Profiles

This image is used as an example of the usefulness of averaging when taking intensity profiles of low contrast areas.


Electron micrograph of cross section of metal sandwich, used for magnification standard.  Hardness indent to upper left.


Image after using Scale / Trimmed / 1%

Circular Profiles


This image has been cropped to reduce its size for this demonstration. Here it is shown with the Circle Tool superimposed, and centered approximately on the margin of the optic disc, which is where the optic nerve attaches to the eye.

Image of fundus of human eye, courtesy of
Larry D. Hubbard, Charles Chandler
Fundus Photograph Reading Center
University of Wisconsin - Madison