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Lispix Tools

Lispix Tools are windows with buttons and pop-up menus, specialized for particular image analysis problems.

The tool buttons are pop up menus, colored according to their function.

2 and 3 Variables Red, Green, Blue overlays. RGB->HSV. CHI's (scatter diagrams) & traceback
Arrow field Draws arrows on an image, to represent a vector field.
Blob Count and analyze particles and other objects.  Segments image into objects and background.
Circle Count and size round objects using circle tool.  Measure average width of irregular objects or spaces.
Data Cube Spectral images. Image registration. Movies.
Fields in Circle Generate table of locations in a circular field. Microscopy tool.
File Utilities Control file load order, JPEG compression, etc.
Fourier (also in Filter Menu) FFT, inverse FFT, deconvolve, complex<->magnitude and phase, etc.
Fractal - Koch Generate Koch curves..
Fractal - measure Various methods for boundary and surface fractal dimension measurement. Works on blobs
Fractal - Surfaces Generate fractal intensity profiles and surfaces.
Hough tool Use with Hough Transform. Explore Hough transform space. Measure spacings of square gratings.
IMPORT - Export Load raw format images, data cubes, spectral images.
Mosaic Register and make a mosaic of images from separate data cubes.
Particle Database Conveniences for using the Spreadsheet Tool together with a folder of images.
Periodic table Physical data on elements & isotopes. Colorize by physical parameters.   Plot x-ray lines. Make K-Ratio images.
Phase Threshold elemental images to define phases of material.  Locate unused pixels, etc.
PPP Discontinued.  Poly plot package – view hundreds of spectra at a time. Use with data cube.
Process folder Change file names, change image types.
Profiles Intensity profiles. Length and angle measurement.
Quality Measure quality of micrographs. Experimental.
Spreadsheet Search / sort images linked to spreadsheets. Merge spreadsheets.
Xray Map Simulator Generate images with geometric objects and Poisson noise.  Evaluate visibility of objects vs size and signal / noise.